Thursday, 18 December 2008

Diane Goble on Toward The Light 21.12!

Diane Goble lives on the side of a mountain in the eastern Sierra Nevada Range in California, and her latest passion is scenic photography from Mammoth Lakes, California to the Cascade Range in Bend/Sisters, Oregon... But her life's work involves the field of death and dying. She has been a psycho-spiritual counsellor for over 20 years, has written several books, and has recently developed a training program to teach alternative practitioners, coaches, counsellors, and ministers how to teach others the Art of Conscious Dying into the Light so they can become Transition Guides for their loved ones and friends.

Diane came to the field of conscious dying as a result of having had a near-death experience 36 years ago during which she was shown the process of transition and given information to help her pursue her spiritual mission as a human being. Since then she has spent many years studying and meditating — evolving toward higher consciousness and sharing what has been revealed to her through her writings and her web sites. This is her spiritual path. In her human life, she has three children, five grandchildren and a dog named Spirit.

Diane is a member of the on-line NDE Support & Interest Group, Light On the Water, which is facilitated by Rev. Juliet Nightingale.

This is going to be a deeply moving and empowering show — especially as I'm now facing my own pending transition... :)

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