Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tim O'Reilly on Toward The Light 30.11!

Tim O’Reilly grew up in the Queens region of New York City, USA. He is the producer, director and writer of the documentary, Round Trip: the Near-Death Experience. Tim studied painting and drawing at the Arts Students League of N.Y.C, then studied Film at the School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C. and graduated with a B.F.A., in film.

Tim had a near-death-like experience (NDLE) when he was ten years old. Although Tim didn’t give his NDLE too much thought, he believes it inspired him to make Round Trip, thirty years later.

Round Trip: the Near-Death Experience, endorsed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, originally released on VHS in 1996, has been re-released in DVD on July 2008, with English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) and Spanish and French subtitles.

Round Trip

Seeing this film brought tears to my eyes straight away — taking me back to my own near-death episodes and how, no matter what and after so many, many years, I'm still so deeply affected by the rich substance of all of these heartfelt testimonies from fellow experiencers. When you look into the eyes of these individuals you can clearly see how transformed they are as a result of their NDEs and the fact that the fear of death is totally absent. This will be a splendid show, so please join us!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Jan Vandersande on Toward The Light 23.11!

Jan W. Vandersande, Ph.D., author of the book, Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, has published more than 80 scientific articles so brings a wealth of technical expertise to bear on the subject. He holds a doctorate in physics and has served professorships at the University of Witwatersand, South Africa, as well as Cornell University. Dr. Vandersande has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently the communications director for VIASPACE Inc. He spends a lot of his spare time reading about, analyzing and writing about psychic phenomena.

Live After Death: Some of the Best Evidence

Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence
~ It's the essential-and seemingly unknowable-question that has haunted mankind since the beginning: What happens after we die? In Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, renowned physicist Dr. Jan W. Vandersande surveys evidence for an afterlife and finds a lot of the observed physical phenomena both credible and compelling.

Intended for sceptics and believers alike, Life After Death condenses more than 100 years of literature and testimony-including the author's own psychic experiences as a long-time member of a psychic circle-to sort out the astonishing from the fraudulent. The investigation gives readers a front-row seat to séance rooms to experience such marvels as direct voice, ectoplasm and materialisations—messages and events, he shows, that are directed from beyond the grave. As the book makes clear, the occurrences during such episodes, though fantastical, can't be dismissed as mere fantasy or fraud.

Through historical accounts, photographs and personal experience, this engagingly written work adds to a growing body of evidence for the existence of an afterlife that's increasingly difficult to ignore.

I am so pleased to have yet another brilliant physicist on Toward The Light who's also come up with compelling evidence in favour of the Afterlife.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sonia Barrett on Toward The Light 16.11!

Sonia BarrettSonia Barrett, like many, has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her curiosity and persistence have guided her to a greater understanding of the veils behind which collective consciousness is shrouded. Sonia was born in Jamaica and at the age of 13, along with her parents, she moved to the United States. She later attended Roosevelt University in Chicago and majored in voice, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Her curiosities of the journey lead her to further studies of the science of the body and the process by which it is interwoven into the third dimensional matrix — a matrix spiralling out of an infinite number of other matrices. Self empowerment is the foundation of all that she shares. Dependency is not encouraged. Her layman understanding of Quantum Physics widens her ability to intercept the simultaneous nature of timelines.

Sonia Barrett’s work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. She is the Host of Sovereign Mind Radio programme,, which airs on Inner Light Radio and BBS Radio. She is also the founder and publisher of New Corporate Body Magazine, and author of The Holographic Canvas, The Fusing of Mind and Matter. She has written many articles exploring time travel, immortality, ascension and the science of past lives. She has been interviewed on a number of radio programmes. Sonia currently presents workshops or what she has termed ‘Memory Lectures’. The principle of these Memory Lectures is to reawaken the memory of those attending. As noted on the back of her book, “the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cell, DNA and the air we breathe”. Sonia presents concepts and ideas that stimulate thought and revives empowerment. Her objective overall is to present clarity, insight and definition to a word now commonly used: the ‘matrix’. She aims to write and present material which cuts right to the heart of the matter — presenting a realisation that we have lived our lives as programmed beings, from birth to death, at least for many. She boldly questions the concept of death — exploring the original design of the body supported by an elevation in consciousness. Her information is sought globally.

Holographic Canvas

The Holographic Canvas ~ by Sonia Berrett explores many possibilities — one of which raises the question, Is Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs? Is death, then, a necessary process or is it simply part of the matrix program? Is it then possible that the concept of dying will cease to exist once humanity uncovers the deception? Sonia Barrett proposes that human bodies are vehicles not yet turned on but designed to make molecular modifications, according to the vibration of our consciousness. She takes us on a journey of our existence in a holographic world, as she states 'a virtual game — an assortment of illusions strung together by the brain and the mind. It's an exploration of the illusion of a solid world generated by fluid movements against a canvas of energy — all of which is taking place against the backdrop of the void.' Barrett concludes that the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and, like the single cell of a plant, our history is encoded in our cells, DNA and the air we breathe.

I am truly excited about interviewing Sonia, as we're SO aligned in the message we're sharing. There is no doubt in my mind that she's a kindred spirit! :)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Chris Everard Couldn't Be Reached!

In only a three-week period, I've had two 'no-shows' on Toward The Light — Steve Mitchell on 19 October and now Chris Everard on 9 November. I did receive a warning from Steve in advance that his telephone and internet were down, but he had his mobile. However, even his mobile failed us that day and we were unable to make contact. Still, Steve was kind enough to alert me that he was temporarily out of commission — and these things do happen — but this was not the case with Chris. He just simply could not be reached, period.

When I had Chris Everard on Toward The Light back on 31 August, he was interested in being on my show again, so I booked him for 9th November. Actually it was his idea to be on my show yesterday — even though he was travelling to the Vatican on the previous days. When I did express concern, he assured me he'd be back in time for the show and he also had other show engagements booked upon his return from the Vatican. I had his mobile number as well so I hoped we were covered...

When we tried to ring both of Chris's numbers and still couldn't get him no matter what, I was quite put off, needless to say. Why didn't CE have the decency to contact me and postpone or cancel the show as Steve had had the kindness to do? I tend to hold good manners and decent human courtesy in high regard and when people fail to display simple thoughtful behaviour, I find little or no real excuse for it.

It seems that several people — especially some who have become more 'high-profile' or well-known — often become too ego-driven and self-centred, which results in a lot of thoughtless behaviour. In my way of thinking, there's no excuse for this. We are all having the human experience on this plane and no one is more 'superior' or 'important' than another, just because of one's so-called 'status' or 'station' in life, etc. David Icke, for example, is extremely well-known; yet he was kind enough to ring me and let me know that he couldn't make a show when he was suddenly taken ill. But, bless him, I was granted enough time to replace him for that show and we simply rescheduled, which is perfectly fine!

Why CE wouldn't have granted me the same courtesy to contact me and let me know that he'd not be able to make the show after all, I do not know. He could have postponed and it would have been fine, as we would have rescheduled. I realise that things happen — especially when one is travelling — but so much of the time this type of behaviour has been out of sheer neglect and discourtesy, that's all.

When you're in the media, there's a certain etiquette that should be followed and, with one who's been on numerous film and radio appearances, you'd think he'd know the protocol and display these basic courtesies.

I am going to give Chris the benefit of the doubt and allow him some time to contact me and let me know what happened — why he wasn't available for his guest appearance on my show and why he failed to contact me in advance, then. So far, there's been no word from Chris ... and if I don't hear from him within a reasonable amount of time, I will be left with no choice but to not have him back on Toward The Light.

I endeavour to be very professional and responsible in the production of this radio programme. I spend countless dedicated hours in putting this tremendous show together and am passionate about it; so it's awkward when we have these mishaps — especially when listeners are tuned in expecting to hear a guest! Alas, some things just can't be helped...

My sincere apologies to all of my listeners for this. It does happen that a certain guest will be a 'no show' or 'stand me up' — Ned Dougherty was one such individual who completely stood me up without a single word — but thank goodness this is a rare occurrence. I will say that I feel deeply disappointed when a guest or potential guest is not exercising integrity. It only takes a moment to make a call or send an eMail. Courteous communication is vital in this work and in our lives.

The simple recipe, if we're going to fare well in this world, is communication, co-operation and love. :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chris Everard on Toward The Light 9 November!

Chris Everard ~ He is Britain’s most successful documentary film-maker. He is the only British director making feature-length documentaries for cinema audiences and the only British director to have late show slots every weekend at cinemas in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Rome simultaneously. His is called the ‘Enfant Terrible!’ (which means the terrible child) of British Cinema by Paris Match magazine.

In 2007, he made no less than 4 x two-hour feature-length documentaries, which were all subsequently released on DVD, each with two-hour bonus discs. That means in 2007 he almost single-handedly matched the entire cinema output of the combined British Film Industry. Since 2004, he has made no less than seven feature-length documentaries which have all been on independent cinema release and then sold to DVD worldwide.

He has just started a 12-acre film production facility here in the South of France. ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES is the most profitable and biggest independent documentary film production organisation in the world, outselling all major studios. It is the biggest independent film production facility to be established in Europe since the era of Ealing Studios. ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES has it’s own on-line production suite, high-definition film-to-video facilities and uses the same computers as George Lucas uses to make Star Wars.

· He was the first person to broadcast video on the internet in 1997. He designed my own codec software to do this.

· He launched the world’s first global TV station broadcasting documentaries and movies on the internet at 9pm on the 9th of the 9th, 1999.*

Since then, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has consistently been in the top five per-cent of entertainment websites. He's ruthlessly independent and has refused buy-out offers from huge corporations. Consequently, his websites are regularly hacked and attacked. There are bogus versions of the sites, and he hates websites which are run by Satanists, Freemasons, Royalists and Christians alike.

* And we're going to feature Chris on the ...9th!—discussing his film, Secret Space. Join us! It should be a very interesting show, indeed.