Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chris Everard on Toward The Light 9 November!

Chris Everard ~ He is Britain’s most successful documentary film-maker. He is the only British director making feature-length documentaries for cinema audiences and the only British director to have late show slots every weekend at cinemas in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Rome simultaneously. His is called the ‘Enfant Terrible!’ (which means the terrible child) of British Cinema by Paris Match magazine.

In 2007, he made no less than 4 x two-hour feature-length documentaries, which were all subsequently released on DVD, each with two-hour bonus discs. That means in 2007 he almost single-handedly matched the entire cinema output of the combined British Film Industry. Since 2004, he has made no less than seven feature-length documentaries which have all been on independent cinema release and then sold to DVD worldwide.

He has just started a 12-acre film production facility here in the South of France. ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES is the most profitable and biggest independent documentary film production organisation in the world, outselling all major studios. It is the biggest independent film production facility to be established in Europe since the era of Ealing Studios. ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES has it’s own on-line production suite, high-definition film-to-video facilities and uses the same computers as George Lucas uses to make Star Wars.

· He was the first person to broadcast video on the internet in 1997. He designed my own codec software to do this.

· He launched the world’s first global TV station broadcasting documentaries and movies on the internet at 9pm on the 9th of the 9th, 1999.*

Since then, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has consistently been in the top five per-cent of entertainment websites. He's ruthlessly independent and has refused buy-out offers from huge corporations. Consequently, his websites are regularly hacked and attacked. There are bogus versions of the sites, and he hates websites which are run by Satanists, Freemasons, Royalists and Christians alike.

* And we're going to feature Chris on the ...9th!—discussing his film, Secret Space. Join us! It should be a very interesting show, indeed.

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