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Mark Pitstick on Toward The Light 2 November!

Mark Pitstick

Mark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over 30 years experience and training in hospitals, mental health centres, pastoral counselling settings, and holistic private practice.

His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology and pastoral counselling studies, a master’s in clinical psychology, and a doctorate in chiropractic health care.

He was trained and certified in past life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and the after-death contact technique by Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. A frequent radio and TV talk show guest, Mark hosted 'Soul-utions', a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on after-life evidence and practical spirituality. He produced an audio set featuring exclusive interviews with renowned guests like Drs. Moody, Weiss, Bernie Siegel, Wayne Dyer, and others.

Dr. Pitstick has facilitated many workshops and counselling sessions across the country at churches, expos, and retreats. His articles have been featured in many magazines and newspapers. His bi-monthly newsletter is subscribed to by thousands of people. As a result of these various outreaches, Dr. Pitstick has a large world-wide following.

Dr. Pitstick’s diverse training, clinical experience, multi-media exposure, and service outreaches uniquely qualify him to write and teach about soul and after-life issues. He considers this project to be part of his soul’s mission and brings an indefatigable sense of passion to this work. Many personal and professional life experiences have led him to this calling.

Soul Proof

SOUL PROOF ~ Here's the Big question For You and Your Life...

How would you live if you really knew you are a timeless being of energy, an indestructible soul, an immortal and eternal spiritual being?

For thousands of years spiritual masters have long taught this good news that sets us free. Now, scientific studies, clinical evidence, and numerous firsthand experiences strongly indicate:

Life is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity!

But What About You?

Do you:

- Greatly fear your own death?

- Grievously miss departed loved ones and worry if you'll ever really see them again?

- Search for sensible answers about heaven, hell and other afterlife questions?

- Wonder why you're here, where you came from, and what happens after you die?

If you're like most people and you ponder these kinds of questions, Dr. Pitstick's book, Soul Proof, is just what you're looking for and here's why...

Maybe you're not so fearful but want to deepen your spiritual understandings about soul issues.

Deeply knowing about your inner self allows you to live fully and successfully no matter what happens outwardly.

With the information in Soul Proof, you can learn about the vast amount of evidence and decide for yourself!

After many years of research and writing, Dr. Mark Pitstick has assembled an AMAZING amount of evidence that points to the reality of afterlife for all.

Contributing to this book with many powerful insights and lessons are:

Bernie Siegel, M.D., wrote the foreword to this book and includes some of his own personal and professional experiences about past lives, after death contacts, and evidence of afterlife.

Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., who contributed fascinating clinical and first-hand examples that further point to the potential of afterlife.

Wayne Dyer, Ed.D. who describes personal events and clinical experiences about spirituality that he hasn't talked about anywhere except here on these recordings.

Ken Ring, Ph.D., shares his extensive research about near-death experiences including those who went into the second or Primordial Light and were transformed.

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D., Aramaic scholar, shares original meanings and better understandings of what Jesus and other teachers in that era really taught about the nature of God, heaven, hell, and salvation.

...And other respected doctors and scientists are also featured.

Mark and I have got much in common — including some special friends — and I feel another friendship brewing... :) It will be such a joy to have him on the show, so tune in!

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