Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mark Pitstick on Toward The Light 2 November!

Mark Pitstick

Mark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over 30 years experience and training in hospitals, mental health centres, pastoral counselling settings, and holistic private practice.

His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology and pastoral counselling studies, a master’s in clinical psychology, and a doctorate in chiropractic health care.

He was trained and certified in past life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and the after-death contact technique by Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. A frequent radio and TV talk show guest, Mark hosted 'Soul-utions', a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on after-life evidence and practical spirituality. He produced an audio set featuring exclusive interviews with renowned guests like Drs. Moody, Weiss, Bernie Siegel, Wayne Dyer, and others.

Dr. Pitstick has facilitated many workshops and counselling sessions across the country at churches, expos, and retreats. His articles have been featured in many magazines and newspapers. His bi-monthly newsletter is subscribed to by thousands of people. As a result of these various outreaches, Dr. Pitstick has a large world-wide following.

Dr. Pitstick’s diverse training, clinical experience, multi-media exposure, and service outreaches uniquely qualify him to write and teach about soul and after-life issues. He considers this project to be part of his soul’s mission and brings an indefatigable sense of passion to this work. Many personal and professional life experiences have led him to this calling.

Soul Proof

SOUL PROOF ~ Here's the Big question For You and Your Life...

How would you live if you really knew you are a timeless being of energy, an indestructible soul, an immortal and eternal spiritual being?

For thousands of years spiritual masters have long taught this good news that sets us free. Now, scientific studies, clinical evidence, and numerous firsthand experiences strongly indicate:

Life is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity!

But What About You?

Do you:

- Greatly fear your own death?

- Grievously miss departed loved ones and worry if you'll ever really see them again?

- Search for sensible answers about heaven, hell and other afterlife questions?

- Wonder why you're here, where you came from, and what happens after you die?

If you're like most people and you ponder these kinds of questions, Dr. Pitstick's book, Soul Proof, is just what you're looking for and here's why...

Maybe you're not so fearful but want to deepen your spiritual understandings about soul issues.

Deeply knowing about your inner self allows you to live fully and successfully no matter what happens outwardly.

With the information in Soul Proof, you can learn about the vast amount of evidence and decide for yourself!

After many years of research and writing, Dr. Mark Pitstick has assembled an AMAZING amount of evidence that points to the reality of afterlife for all.

Contributing to this book with many powerful insights and lessons are:

Bernie Siegel, M.D., wrote the foreword to this book and includes some of his own personal and professional experiences about past lives, after death contacts, and evidence of afterlife.

Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., who contributed fascinating clinical and first-hand examples that further point to the potential of afterlife.

Wayne Dyer, Ed.D. who describes personal events and clinical experiences about spirituality that he hasn't talked about anywhere except here on these recordings.

Ken Ring, Ph.D., shares his extensive research about near-death experiences including those who went into the second or Primordial Light and were transformed.

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D., Aramaic scholar, shares original meanings and better understandings of what Jesus and other teachers in that era really taught about the nature of God, heaven, hell, and salvation.

...And other respected doctors and scientists are also featured.

Mark and I have got much in common — including some special friends — and I feel another friendship brewing... :) It will be such a joy to have him on the show, so tune in!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A Real Joy, As Always...

Life After LifeIt was such a joy having Peter Shockey back on Toward The Light. The events that led to his producing the film, Life After Life, are quite remarkable and clearly, it was meant to be. He details his uncanny ability to produce special effects with light and being able to capture the essence (or close to it, anyway) of being in the tunnel ... or on the Other Side ... and enveloped by the Light during a near-death episode. It was as a result of this, plus his having had a profound spiritually transformative experience in his youth ... that convinced Raymond Moody that Peter was, indeed, the right film producer to create a movie version of his best-selling book.

And now, as was mentioned on the air, the film has been digitally remastered and is available for sale in DVD format for one's enjoyment.

Journey of LightFor those who are interested, one can order the DVD (some of which are autographed by PS) directly from TTL or you can order from the official LAL website and, for a limited time, receive a free copy of the beautiful book, Journey of Light, by Peter & Stowe Shockey.

To order the LAL DVD directly from TTL, please click on the LAL image above. To order the LAL DVD with the free book, please click on the JOL image at right.

Even after all this time, just seeing the LAL trailer ... or just merely thinking about it ... brings me to tears; it is that beautiful and moving—not to mention how inspiring and full of promise it is.

Peter & Stowe are such wonderful friends and I am honoured to know them and to work with them.

Enjoy Life After Life in all its splendid glory! What a masterpiece!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Peter Shockey on Toward The Light 26.10!

Peter Shockey is an acclaimed film-maker and screenwriter. Guideposts magazine has called his films on spiritual topics 'heavenly visions for earthly eyes', and he received a New York Film Festival award for his film Life After Life — based on Dr. Raymond Moody's book by the same title (available for purchase through Toward The Light, see below). He and his work have appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah and The 700 Club.

Life After Life

Life After Life is a film written, produced and directed by Peter Shockey, based on the best-selling book by Dr. Raymond Moody by the same title. The Life After Life film is the result of an ongoing labour of love in the most literal sense as its timeless message is of God's Infinite Compassion. The amazing collection of real-life testimonials were selected from thousands of cases, and are the culmination of years of research, publications, books and specialised media-training by a broad spectrum of contributors. The journey we take at the instant of death is an ancient mystery. Share the experience of those who have been there and returned to their normal lives — forever changed. Seeing this video/DVD and hearing these testimonies from people who've been to the Other Side and back will change your life forever! This is a must have for your video/DVD collection - available for sale from TTL.

Peter is a wonderful friend ... and it will be so lovely to have him back on Toward The Light, as we've got lots of exciting news to share. Please tune in and enjoy! :)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Couldn't Make Contact with Steve Mitchell, Our Apologies!

Due to our not being able to reach Steve Mitchell this evening, we were unable to do the show with him and will have to re-book him at a later date. I just ended up speaking on my own—revamping some of what was discussed last week on the HAARP panel and focusing on being centred in love at all times ... in order to deal with the current crisis in our world...

We apologise for this, but this does happen at times... Unfortunately, BBS does use Vonage (VoIP telephone service)—even though Don knows how truly awful they are—so that's the source of a lot of these problems! I use for my VoIP provider and they've been wonderful, good quality, personable and exercising integrity.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Steve Mitchell on Toward The Light 19.10!

Steve MitchellSteve Mitchell is a true renaissance man with an Honours degree in both music and mathematics. Since graduating, he has worked as a musician with Warner Chappel, Warner Brothers, Reality Entertainment, Australian TV, and is a member of PRS. He has also lectured, given workshops and served as a facilitator for events ranging from management training to alternative energies, quantum physics, NLP, and the British Society of Dowsers Special Research Group. He has made films for various groups (community/schools/education/police/health services) as well as having won a young film maker award - segment of film featured on TV.

In addition Steve is also a trained counsellor, Reiki Practitioner and Chios® Master and uses a combination of positive life changing affirmations, Shiatsu and NLP based techniques to enable people to affect constructive and valuable changes to their life path. With a firm rooting in provable quantum and scalar electromagnetic science he is evolving new methods in person centred therapy for the 21st century. This means that ultimately his client's needs are met on multiple levels so that they can reveal the healing in their lives that is most suited to their current situation and spiritual direction.

Dragons & Rings

Dragons & Rings by Steve Mitchell. Prepare to step into the world of magic, mystery and myth as Steve Mitchell reveals the truth about ancient stone monuments, crop circles and the world of dragon lore. Linking quantum theory with UFO's, paranormal phenomena and the wisdom of our ancestors, Mitchell answers questions that modern scientists and archeologists are loath to put on record.

What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?

How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomena?

Was it by chance or did an elder human race really have intricate knowledge of the dynamics of inter-dimensional reality hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Are we alone or part of a multi-dimensional universe with the keys to other worlds at our very fingertips? Click image FMI.

It will be nice to have Steve back on Toward The Light. He's fun, witty and so rich with information. The love and reverence for these topics are so evident in his exquisite film, Dragons & Rings.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Archived HAARP Show is UP on TTL Site!!!

Talk about fast and efficient, the archived show featuring the HAARP panel, Alfred Webre, David Icke & Cathy O'Brien is now up on the site located on each guest's profile page. There is no charge to listen to the archived show; however donations are always encouraged and welcomed ... to help keep us on the air. Thank you and enjoy! :)

An Amazing Show with Alfred, David & Cathy!

To say that the special panel on Toward The Light featuring Alfred Webre, David Icke & Cathy O'Brien (Mark Phillips wasn't able to join us after all), was absolutely amazing would be an understatement! The love and the optimism held by all of us was profound ... and it was so easy to share not only the truth of what is taking place in our world, but the tremendous hope and opportunity that await us in future! These dear souls are such endearing examples of the triumph of love over fear and, when we can remember Who we are ... and our divine heritage, nothing whatsoever can really harm or destroy us in any way. And the times that we are living in now are providing a tremendous opportunity to prove that very fact!

My heartfelt gratitude to Alfred, Cathy & David for sharing this wonderful dialogue with me for all to hear. As you well know, the lot of you are very dear to my heart.

Anyway, you'll just have to listen to the show once it's archived, again and again... You will be inspired. We'll let you know when the show is archived.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

HAARP Panel on Toward The Light 12 October!


Mark your calendar for Sunday, 12 October 2008, as we'll be presenting a special two-hour live panel broadcast at 5P EDT/10P BST on Toward The Light, featuring Alfred Webre, David Icke, Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips along with yourhost, Rev. Juliet Nightingale, who will be discussing and revealing little-known facts about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Find out the truth about HAARP—the ultimate war machine—and the horrendous impact it's having on our solar-system, our planet and even on individuals. This is a show not to be missed!

October 12th

The Light

2pm Pacific Time

5pm Eastern Time

10pm British Time

airing on Station

***LIVE * LIVE * LIVE***

Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. will discuss HAARPAlfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. who is an author, futurist, international lawyer, peace advocate, environmental activist, space activist, and radio talk show host, who has advanced degrees in both Law and in Counselling. He can be regarded as the founding father of Exopolitics as a field of human inquiry. His involvement with the study of the UFO phenomenon includes work with the Carter Administration and with the prestigious Stanford Research Institute, which are impressive credentials in this most controversial of emerging sciences. His book, EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE gives an overview of the field and offers a blueprint for humanity as it moves toward taking its place on a wider stage.

David Icke will discuss HAARP

David Icke is the author of over a dozen books and is a popular and controversial speaker. U.S. elections and economy will be discussed along with humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events.

If you want to know what is really happening in your world, and why, this is not to be missed. Your freedom and that of your children and grandchildren could well depend upon it.

David says we are all powerful spiritual beings capable of waking up and transcending this control through focusing on love, and that the time to do that is right now...

Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips discuss HAARP

Cathy O'Brien is the author of the amazing book, Access Denied ~ for Reasons of National Security, "concerning a little known tool that 'our' United States Government is covertly, illegally, and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Order (One World Government). This well-documented tool is a sophisticated and advanced form of behaviour modification (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first-hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House 'Presidential Model' mind-control slave."

Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. "I have no criminal record and I have never been adjudged insane. I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health physician. While I lack the official published academic credentials, I am recognised internationally by mental health and law enforcement professionals as an authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind.


This is going to be an amazingly powerful show that you cannot afford to miss! Tell others about it and tune in for a programme that's guaranteed to change your life forever!

Here is a comment from a listener: OMG! THANK YOU!! These are SUCH AMAZING headliners!!!!!!!!

...But you have really outdone yourself ......I cannot even believe you will have THE Alfred Webre (top exopolotics expert-!!, David Icke (Reptilian Illuminati expert extraordinaire) and also Cathy O'brien and Mark Phillips (former CIA operatives) all on the VERY same program to talk about HARP???!!!

HARP makes me mad as hell every time I hear of a storm coming to slam into one of our coast lines or multiple fires (100???) started by dry lightning???? sounds a bit fishy! The earthquakes and volcanos erupting in south America make me even more mad about HARP.

All of these people have been so brave to share with us. Their stories have affected me so deeply. After I heard Cathy O'brien's story of how Phillip rescued her from being a manchurian candidate and CIA operative I was affected for months...I think that was the same evening when Dr. Bell told us of the real reason the US wanted to shoot down the sattellite. To eliminate all evidence that they can trigger attacks on people and even make a targeted person have a heart attack.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Rick Madison on Toward The Light 5 October

Rick MadisonRick Madison ~ I was born in 1961 in Jasper, Alabama. At six months of age, I fell off a sofa and went into a coma for six days. Prayer 'warriors' in my family began to pray and intercede for me. God intervened in my behalf and brought me through.

At five years of age, I was shot at, several times, by a great uncle who had lost his mind. He shot my grandmother four times and Jesus raised her from her deathbed a week later. Jesus kept me safe, as I hid in the house. When I was eight years old, I was almost killed in a public laundromat. I was playing hide-and-seek with a friend. I had climbed into a large commercial dryer to hide. A group of thugs walked in and they saw me in the dryer. They braced the door shut and began searching for the proper change. One of the girls, who was with them, fought for me and begged the others not to start the machine. As they all left in a hurry, the girl ran back in and opened the door for me.

After many accidents and near-death experiences, I gave my life to Jesus at 10 years of age. I graduated from Leeds High School in Alabama in 1980. After finishing school, I was introduced to various drugs and alcohol. I stopped worshipping God and followed the world. However, God was still drawing me back to Him by His Spirit. At age 23, I had a very successful air-conditioning and heating business, but I did not have joy and peace.

My maintenance company repaired equipment and kept the health department happy for over 100 restaurants. Though I was making a lot of money, I was wasting it in the night clubs and party scene. I was headed for a rude awakening.

Visiting Death

On April 13, 1986, I was involved in an car accident, a head-on collision. I was pronounced DOA at Vanderbilt University Hospital. I received numerous broken bones such as a broken neck, ribs, jaw, hip, and a crushed foot. I had a torn aorta artery, a ruptured spleen and a punctured lung. I remained in a coma for 27 days. Doctors advised my family to make funeral arrangements, but the 'prayer warriors' in my family believed Jesus could raise me up. I had an out-of-body experience. Jesus came to me and spoke to me. I sat up out of the coma. I walked out of a wheel chair ten weeks later. I was completely delivered from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and filled with the Holy Ghost. I hope you get this complete testimony in my book entitled, Raised from the Dead or the cassette tape/CD entitled Walking Miracle Testimony. I studied under my pastor who also evangelised.

For an entire year, I watched, listened, studied the Bible, and learned how to flow in the Holy Spirit. I learned how to make alter calls, and pray for people to receive from God. I began evangelising in 1987 and started to travel, conducting revivals all across the United States. Many miracles occurred in my meetings and I started praying for people in their homes. As a result, I prayed for 16 people in comas and 14 have awakened! Six of those had been brain-dead. Often when God delivers you from something, he births that same kind of ministry in you.

Raised from the Dead

Raised from the Dead ~ The true story of a young man's personal testimony of being raised from his death bed. Richard L. Madison was involved in a head-on collision on April 13, 1986. The leading trauma physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital, in Nashville, Tennessee, pronounced Richard dead-on-arrival. Injuries included a torn aorta artery, ruptured spleen, a broken neck, hip, ribs, and a crushed foot. He remained on life-support machines for 27 days. Richard had what he called an out-of-body experience, and an encounter with God. Then he sat up out of the coma. Infections and swelling disappeared, and he walked out of a wheel chair ten weeks later. He was also set free from drugs and alcohol. Richard had several dreams and visions. This led to the most remarkable faith building book for the Christian community.

It is so lovely to know that this individual has been granted the power to heal people through prayer and the laying on of hands—as Reiki and other energy healing practitioners do—and this is definitely not uncommon for NDErs. While his belief system is very traditional and centred in fundamentalist Christian sentiments, I feel that his heart is in earnest … and he’s reaching people in his own circles that may not otherwise have been exposed to the NDE and the power of healing through faith and prayer. This should be a very interesting show, so please do tune in. There’s something for everyone on Toward The Light!