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Rick Madison on Toward The Light 5 October

Rick MadisonRick Madison ~ I was born in 1961 in Jasper, Alabama. At six months of age, I fell off a sofa and went into a coma for six days. Prayer 'warriors' in my family began to pray and intercede for me. God intervened in my behalf and brought me through.

At five years of age, I was shot at, several times, by a great uncle who had lost his mind. He shot my grandmother four times and Jesus raised her from her deathbed a week later. Jesus kept me safe, as I hid in the house. When I was eight years old, I was almost killed in a public laundromat. I was playing hide-and-seek with a friend. I had climbed into a large commercial dryer to hide. A group of thugs walked in and they saw me in the dryer. They braced the door shut and began searching for the proper change. One of the girls, who was with them, fought for me and begged the others not to start the machine. As they all left in a hurry, the girl ran back in and opened the door for me.

After many accidents and near-death experiences, I gave my life to Jesus at 10 years of age. I graduated from Leeds High School in Alabama in 1980. After finishing school, I was introduced to various drugs and alcohol. I stopped worshipping God and followed the world. However, God was still drawing me back to Him by His Spirit. At age 23, I had a very successful air-conditioning and heating business, but I did not have joy and peace.

My maintenance company repaired equipment and kept the health department happy for over 100 restaurants. Though I was making a lot of money, I was wasting it in the night clubs and party scene. I was headed for a rude awakening.

Visiting Death

On April 13, 1986, I was involved in an car accident, a head-on collision. I was pronounced DOA at Vanderbilt University Hospital. I received numerous broken bones such as a broken neck, ribs, jaw, hip, and a crushed foot. I had a torn aorta artery, a ruptured spleen and a punctured lung. I remained in a coma for 27 days. Doctors advised my family to make funeral arrangements, but the 'prayer warriors' in my family believed Jesus could raise me up. I had an out-of-body experience. Jesus came to me and spoke to me. I sat up out of the coma. I walked out of a wheel chair ten weeks later. I was completely delivered from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and filled with the Holy Ghost. I hope you get this complete testimony in my book entitled, Raised from the Dead or the cassette tape/CD entitled Walking Miracle Testimony. I studied under my pastor who also evangelised.

For an entire year, I watched, listened, studied the Bible, and learned how to flow in the Holy Spirit. I learned how to make alter calls, and pray for people to receive from God. I began evangelising in 1987 and started to travel, conducting revivals all across the United States. Many miracles occurred in my meetings and I started praying for people in their homes. As a result, I prayed for 16 people in comas and 14 have awakened! Six of those had been brain-dead. Often when God delivers you from something, he births that same kind of ministry in you.

Raised from the Dead

Raised from the Dead ~ The true story of a young man's personal testimony of being raised from his death bed. Richard L. Madison was involved in a head-on collision on April 13, 1986. The leading trauma physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital, in Nashville, Tennessee, pronounced Richard dead-on-arrival. Injuries included a torn aorta artery, ruptured spleen, a broken neck, hip, ribs, and a crushed foot. He remained on life-support machines for 27 days. Richard had what he called an out-of-body experience, and an encounter with God. Then he sat up out of the coma. Infections and swelling disappeared, and he walked out of a wheel chair ten weeks later. He was also set free from drugs and alcohol. Richard had several dreams and visions. This led to the most remarkable faith building book for the Christian community.

It is so lovely to know that this individual has been granted the power to heal people through prayer and the laying on of hands—as Reiki and other energy healing practitioners do—and this is definitely not uncommon for NDErs. While his belief system is very traditional and centred in fundamentalist Christian sentiments, I feel that his heart is in earnest … and he’s reaching people in his own circles that may not otherwise have been exposed to the NDE and the power of healing through faith and prayer. This should be a very interesting show, so please do tune in. There’s something for everyone on Toward The Light!

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