Friday, 24 October 2008

Peter Shockey on Toward The Light 26.10!

Peter Shockey is an acclaimed film-maker and screenwriter. Guideposts magazine has called his films on spiritual topics 'heavenly visions for earthly eyes', and he received a New York Film Festival award for his film Life After Life — based on Dr. Raymond Moody's book by the same title (available for purchase through Toward The Light, see below). He and his work have appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah and The 700 Club.

Life After Life

Life After Life is a film written, produced and directed by Peter Shockey, based on the best-selling book by Dr. Raymond Moody by the same title. The Life After Life film is the result of an ongoing labour of love in the most literal sense as its timeless message is of God's Infinite Compassion. The amazing collection of real-life testimonials were selected from thousands of cases, and are the culmination of years of research, publications, books and specialised media-training by a broad spectrum of contributors. The journey we take at the instant of death is an ancient mystery. Share the experience of those who have been there and returned to their normal lives — forever changed. Seeing this video/DVD and hearing these testimonies from people who've been to the Other Side and back will change your life forever! This is a must have for your video/DVD collection - available for sale from TTL.

Peter is a wonderful friend ... and it will be so lovely to have him back on Toward The Light, as we've got lots of exciting news to share. Please tune in and enjoy! :)

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