Sunday, 5 October 2008

HAARP Panel on Toward The Light 12 October!


Mark your calendar for Sunday, 12 October 2008, as we'll be presenting a special two-hour live panel broadcast at 5P EDT/10P BST on Toward The Light, featuring Alfred Webre, David Icke, Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips along with yourhost, Rev. Juliet Nightingale, who will be discussing and revealing little-known facts about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Find out the truth about HAARP—the ultimate war machine—and the horrendous impact it's having on our solar-system, our planet and even on individuals. This is a show not to be missed!

October 12th

The Light

2pm Pacific Time

5pm Eastern Time

10pm British Time

airing on Station

***LIVE * LIVE * LIVE***

Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. will discuss HAARPAlfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. who is an author, futurist, international lawyer, peace advocate, environmental activist, space activist, and radio talk show host, who has advanced degrees in both Law and in Counselling. He can be regarded as the founding father of Exopolitics as a field of human inquiry. His involvement with the study of the UFO phenomenon includes work with the Carter Administration and with the prestigious Stanford Research Institute, which are impressive credentials in this most controversial of emerging sciences. His book, EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE gives an overview of the field and offers a blueprint for humanity as it moves toward taking its place on a wider stage.

David Icke will discuss HAARP

David Icke is the author of over a dozen books and is a popular and controversial speaker. U.S. elections and economy will be discussed along with humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events.

If you want to know what is really happening in your world, and why, this is not to be missed. Your freedom and that of your children and grandchildren could well depend upon it.

David says we are all powerful spiritual beings capable of waking up and transcending this control through focusing on love, and that the time to do that is right now...

Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips discuss HAARP

Cathy O'Brien is the author of the amazing book, Access Denied ~ for Reasons of National Security, "concerning a little known tool that 'our' United States Government is covertly, illegally, and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Order (One World Government). This well-documented tool is a sophisticated and advanced form of behaviour modification (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first-hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House 'Presidential Model' mind-control slave."

Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. "I have no criminal record and I have never been adjudged insane. I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health physician. While I lack the official published academic credentials, I am recognised internationally by mental health and law enforcement professionals as an authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind.


This is going to be an amazingly powerful show that you cannot afford to miss! Tell others about it and tune in for a programme that's guaranteed to change your life forever!

Here is a comment from a listener: OMG! THANK YOU!! These are SUCH AMAZING headliners!!!!!!!!

...But you have really outdone yourself ......I cannot even believe you will have THE Alfred Webre (top exopolotics expert-!!, David Icke (Reptilian Illuminati expert extraordinaire) and also Cathy O'brien and Mark Phillips (former CIA operatives) all on the VERY same program to talk about HARP???!!!

HARP makes me mad as hell every time I hear of a storm coming to slam into one of our coast lines or multiple fires (100???) started by dry lightning???? sounds a bit fishy! The earthquakes and volcanos erupting in south America make me even more mad about HARP.

All of these people have been so brave to share with us. Their stories have affected me so deeply. After I heard Cathy O'brien's story of how Phillip rescued her from being a manchurian candidate and CIA operative I was affected for months...I think that was the same evening when Dr. Bell told us of the real reason the US wanted to shoot down the sattellite. To eliminate all evidence that they can trigger attacks on people and even make a targeted person have a heart attack.


loderlive said...

If you give the people a means to communicate the message, their is no stopping what it can achieve.

Hearing the strength of these people is giving me the courage to realise the strength of my own potential.

To never be afraid of the dark because I go in the knowledge that I am the one who lights it.

Thank you Judithe, I will be listening live.


Anonymous said...

More and more fear everywhere I go. Be afraid of this and that until one might become afraid to leave the house. What I loved about your show was that the emphasis was always on love but it feels like like it's about fear first, then love. It makes me sad.

Toward The Light said...

When 'Anonymous' stated, ' feels like it's about fear first, then love,' I'm not sure what you're referring to here. If our exposing the dangerous agenda being imposed on us is about 'fear', my response to that conclusion is that it's about warning or alerting people to the truth of what's actually going on in this dimension, but more importantly, offering a 'soulution' as Cathy O'Brien so rightly puts it. No, indeed, it's NOT about fear in the least! That's what we've got to move away from and, by all means, being centred in love—unconditional love... But knowing the truth, on the other hand, is what will ultimately set us free—just not getting stuck on the negative or frightening aspects of what's going on. If we don't acknowledge and face the challenges that are plaguing this world squarely, and instead fall into denial ... or insisting that we look at everything through rose-coloured glasses, dear soul, we're missing the point. We can't remedy something or find resolve by going into denial. The whole idea, here, is to face what's going on, but choosing not to participate in the imposed agenda and falling into the lower frequencies of fear. It's imperative that we constantly work to raise our frequency into that of love and also to honour our own divine heritage. Alas, it is through love and awareness that we will be set free...

Anonymous said...

But telling us to be aware of the Illuminati and Reptilians or whatever they're called does nothing but scare me. It reminds me of America's current administration. What do we do with that frightening info? I don't see myself as looking through the world with rose colored glasses. I see it as focusing on loving whomever I'm interacting with. I resolve to love or to try to love those around me. I don't doubt that there are negative forces but I guess I can't listen to your shows that have this kind of conversation. It's not at all that I don't believe them. It's that there's a tone of giddiness about being onto them, the negative forces, and that giddiness used to be about Love. It becomes a diatribe against the US and the US is such an easy target. Anyone and everyone is happy to hate the US and we aren't all to be put in the same boat. Just some of my thoughts. I respect you and your show so much but I'm noticing a change. Maybe I'm changing. Who knows??

Toward The Light said...

I'm not sure where you're coming up with all this, 'Nameless One'. :) The information provided is not meant to frighten anyone, only to inform and help facilitate people becoming more aware and providing the tools to generate positive change, that's all. Alas, how you respond to the information that's provided is entirely up to you. The information is there to help empower people, as there are tremendous options available to us—especially when we're coming from a place of love and truth. Again, by knowing the truth, we will be set free. It's not about being 'angry' and 'vengeful' or unloving to anyone. Quite the contrary, as I maintain that it's very important that we love everyone—including those who are imposing this negative agenda on us and I couldn't agree with you more that it's right to focus on loving anyone with whom we interact. It's not an 'either/or' situation. Knowing the truth does not preclude your focusing on love—not in the least. When we're able to rise up out of the imposed illusion that we're 'worthless, helpless, sinners', for example, or that we're only what's written on an ID card or what's seen in the mirror and realise that we're all divine and that we're all One (and this is not a cliché here, because many of us come from a place of deep knowing as a result of direct experience of this via our near-death and other spiritually transformative experiences), then we'll rise to a whole new level of being and reality and arrive at a place where we can truly celebrate this place of infinite possibility. Furthermore, there is no 'giddiness' here and, in fact, we are all very sober and coming from a place of great love. If you listened to this panel of special guests, you'd hear (and will hear) us talking about love and the 'soulutions' available to us all. We're not going to focus on the 'negative'—not by any means—nor have we ever done that on Toward The Light. Furthermore, we are not here to promote 'hatred towards the US' and wherever you got that notion could not have been from any radio broadcast of TTL. The people on the panel are Americans, except for myself and David Icke. We're here to love and help heal your country and the world, not generate hatred or contempt, for goodness sake! Many Americans are too defensive and having knee-jerk reactions to things that simply do not exist! Please remember that we are One World (and I'm not referring to the NWO either) and it's not about 'us and them'. Dear soul, I'm so sorry you're currently struggling with fear, but if I can help sooth your weary soul as a child awakening out of a nightmare, I'm pleased to do so. You are loved ... and that's all that matters. :)

loderlive said...

I can imagine some would be in fear listening to David Icke, however for me its a magical and empowering experience everytime. This show is a voice of love in a world we are feared not to deal with. So much courage and strength is given for others to carry it on. Sorry, Judithe is another dear friend, I did mean to thank you Juliet, you are very similar in name and spirit.

Chris, UK