Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Steve Mitchell on Toward The Light 3 August!

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell is a true renaissance man with an Honours degree in both music and mathematics. Since graduating, he has worked as a musician with Warner Chappel, Warner Brothers, Reality Entertainment, Australian TV, and is a member of PRS. He has also lectured, given workshops and served as a facilitator for events ranging from management training to alternative energies, quantum physics, NLP, and the British Society of Dowsers Special Research Group. He has made films for various groups (community/schools/education/police/health services) as well as having won a young film maker award - segment of film featured on TV.

In addition Steve is also a trained counsellor, Reiki Practitioner and Chios® Master and uses a combination of positive life changing affirmations, Shiatsu and NLP based techniques to enable people to affect constructive and valuable changes to their life path. With a firm rooting in provable quantum and scalar electromagnetic science he is evolving new methods in person centred therapy for the 21st century. This means that ultimately his client's needs are met on multiple levels so that they can reveal the healing in their lives that is most suited to their current situation and spiritual direction.

Dragons & Rings by Steve Mitchell. Prepare to step into the world of magic, mystery and myth as Steve Mitchell reveals the truth about ancient stone monuments, crop circles and the world of dragon lore. Linking quantum theory with UFO's, paranormal phenomena and the wisdom of our ancestors, Mitchell answers questions that modern scientists and archeologists are loath to put on record.

What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?

How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomena?

Was it by chance or did an elder human race really have intricate knowledge of the dynamics of inter-dimensional reality hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Are we alone or part of a multi-dimensional universe with the keys to other worlds at our very fingertips? Click image FMI.

Seeing this DVD drew me to tears. It was absolutely stunning and so beautifully well done!

Please join us for this wonderful and fascinating dialogue!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Tomas Vieira & Nouk Sanchez on Toward The Light 27.7!

With my internet connection going down yet again, I was not able to put up the info about my forthcoming guest for this week's transmission of Toward The Light, in advance, as I usually do. Alas, everything happens for a reason—even that which seems chaotic and unfortunate—and with this type of thing happening ever so frequently of late, it's getting easier to simply surrender, 'go with the flow' and not get so put off or caught up by what may appear to be 'unfortunate' events or mishaps. So I acknowledged that I was 'out-of-commission' for a reason and just needed to do something else...

Tomas Vieira, author of Take Me To Truth was booked to be my featured guest this week on 27 July on Toward The Light, but I was delighted to find out that his partner/co-author, Nouk Sanchez, was also available to be on the show as well. As a result, I can now highlight both Tomas and Nouk—which would not have been the case if I'd put the profile up earlier, since I was totally unaware of her being able to join us. See, everything does happen for a reason! :)

I've got to admit that, due to moving house recently and still having all of my books packed in boxes, I was disappointed that I wasn't able to read Take Me To Truth in advance of the interview—which is my normal protocol before interviewing my guests on the show. However, I intuitively knew that I was already well aware of the content and powerful message contained within the pages of this fine book ... as a result of my own experiences. Sure enough, the conversations flowed so well, as if I had read the book in advance ... and the three of us had had previous discussions about all of this. Indeed, perhaps we have done telepathically and on other dimensions. Such was the ease and deep familiarity with the rich material covered in TMTT—not to mention the very warm exchange between us.

Another thing that made this dialogue so exciting is that I was able to validate everything that Tomas and Nouk brought up on account of my own experiences—as an NDEr and one who's had countless spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) and lived inter-dimensionally all of my life. Furthermore, what we all acknowledged is that one needn't have an NDE (or other potentially traumatic experience) in order to arrive at the simple truth conveyed in the book. It is as simple as suddenly being transported into the glorious light of divine love via meditation, playing music, gardening, being in the presence of a friend or having a lucid dream, for example, or just having one of those 'ah-hah!' moments.

There's such a powerful awakening going on all over the world and many people are spontaneously coming to the realisation that we are all divine and we are one—never separated or alone.

Take Me To Truth aims to uncover the lies that are brought on by the ego-mind, which is dominated and propelled by fear—that, in and of itself, is a lie, a monumental lie! Knowing that the ego, and what it claims, are totally false and not our true identity at all, is what ultimately will liberate us and bring us to true freedom.

I was so overjoyed to have Tomas & Nouk together on Toward The Light and I'll have the archived show up shortly for those who missed the live broadcast.

Tomas VieiraTomas Vieira, co-author of Take Me To Truth, was born in Hong Kong of Portuguese heritage and lived in Canada and the United States before settling in Australia. A 'Jack of all trades', his career has alternated between the private and the not-for-profit sectors. For the past six years, Tomas has been employed in the field of regional development. He has always had an interest in personal development, conducting life skills and personal development courses in communities for the past twenty years.

His strong commitment and desire to grow with his family led to an almost total deconstruction of his life and belief systems. Everything was turned upside down and inside out. When he finally emerged from this process he realised that his journey paralleled that of Nouk Sanchez in terms of the very clear stages involved in awakening. Like Nouk, he realised that there was no simple guide available to explain the process of undoing the ego and discovering Truth. As a result, he embarked on a collaboration to write this book.

Nouk SanchezNouk Sanchez ~ Australian born, Nouk Sanchez has always been driven to seek the Truth, expose it and simplify the pathway for others to follow. Initially, this drive led her to become internationally recognised within the cosmetic industry. Nouk pioneered a revolutionary concept for 'esteem-enhancing' cosmetic application. Her holistic Feature-Focusing technique was aimed at giving all women over the age of twenty-five years the opportunity to look their very natural best. Her findings led to publication of a book and the formation of her cosmetics company.

Having blazed a pathway in cosmetics, Nouk retired from the industry to live in New Mexico, and dedicated herself to pursuing and teaching ego-release. In 1990, after being introduced to A Course in Miracles, Nouk and her small spiritual family embarked upon learning the Six Stages of the Development of Trust. The fifteen-year journey of awakening led her to experience and understand the mechanism of the ego—how, why, when and where we sabotage ourselves.

Nouk learned how to enter the void, hold the faith and see the face of Truth. Her discoveries led her to simplify A Course in Miracles’ miraculous formula for removing the obstacles that obscure Love’s presence in our daily lives. A simple and powerfully transformative, six-stage spiritual navigation guide is the culmination of her work.

Take Me To Truth

Take Me to Truth is the first book to boldly address the fundamental problem that all spiritual seekers face on the journey to awakening; the ego. Take Me to Truth is a powerful six-stage navigational guide that takes us through the six remarkable stages of undoing ego. Each of these stages becomes an experience of deepening trust, eventually removing all existing blocks to the awareness of the Infinite Love that we are and have. It bridges the yawning gap that exists between seeking enlightenment and finding it.

Monday, 21 July 2008

PMH Atwater ~ A Bold Pioneer in NDE Research!

It was truly a delight having PMH Atwater back on Toward The Light on 20th July and it was just so easy to converse with a friend and fellow NDEr. In fact, my daughter stated, 'I enjoyed your show. You two are like listening to old friends having tea or something like that.' And it's true, we became instant friends—recognising each other on a soul level from the get-go.

PMH is not only an amazingly prolific author, a fellow NDEr and friend, she's been a tremendous role model for me. It's really because of her encouragement and example, that I've been able to give talks and even allow myself to be on the TV news whilst in Nashville. If anyone would have told me that I'd be a speaker or on television, I'd reply with 'you're out of your flipping mind!'—that's how adverse I was to the whole idea! Just thinking about being on television or speaking made me want to faint! That's how crazy the whole notion was to me ... and now I'm 'eating my words'... :)

In fact, I still resisted the whole notion of speaking or being on television ... but two things happened: 1. someone had insisted that I give a talk on NDEs and that all I had to do was speak from my heart—whatever came to me and 2. Spirit would not allow me to say 'no' to these requests! Twice I was asked to be on Channel 4 News in Nashville and hard as I tried to refuse, my tongue was tied until I gave full permission to appear.

What I had to realise about all this is that, despite my fear and inhibitions about being visible in the public eye (I'd rather be INvisible; that's why I do radio!), I was serving the greater good by allowing myself to speak and be on the news. Alas, it wasn't like being on a big-time TV programme, granted, but it was still huge for one who's extremely timid of the camera and public visibility!

I thought of PMH ... and the fact that she had told me that it was meant to be that I was in Nashville to do this work ... and she was the perfect role model that enabled me to feel strong, move forward and flow into this.

It was in Nashville—of all places—that I had my 'coming out' as an NDEr; i.e., not only admitting that I am a multiple NDEr, but actually doing public service centred in the NDE—speaking, writing, facilitating support and interest group meetings, being featured in various media and ultimately hosting my own radio show! Who'd-a-thunk-it?, as the saying goes!

Mind you, I'm not a pro-speaker like PMH Atwater or others who do lots of travelling and give talks all over the place on NDEs, but I do give presentations periodically and no longer resist the call to do so. In fact, I'll be speaking here in Virginia Beach on 6 September at the Virginia Beach IANDS meeting at the Edgar Cayce ARE Centre and I still think of PMH every time I'm booked to speak. Her loving encouragement has granted me the strength to boldly come forward and just do it!

It is quite striking how much PMH and I have got in common, but there are differences as well. One huge difference is that, where it took me over 20 years before I started this work centred in NDEs, PMH was catapulted right into NDE research only a year after her three NDEs in 1977 ... and this ultimately resulted in the writing of her book, Coming Back to Life. However, things were very rough—even traumatic for PMH. She was met with severe opposition in the early days. In her own words, she states:

"I still find discussing the reprint of my first book, Coming Back to Life (revised edition just out through Transpersonal Publishing) a challenge. After all, it was my first attempt to write about my research and in order to do that I had to stand 'naked' in the sense of taking a huge risk talking about the protocol I used (police investigative techniques) and baring all about myself and what I found.

I was 'fried' for writing that book. You would think, as did I at the time, that conservative religious folk would pounce on me for writing it—as I told the story of the near-death experience as it had never been told before. Wrong. I had no problem whatsoever with fundamentalists or conservatives. It was with my peer group and fellow researchers. I had stepped out of line (without knowing so) and had committed some 'errors'. First, I was a woman (in those days that mattered, and don't believe anyone who says it didn't); I was an experiencer and who believes an experiencer is capable of objective research; I did not have a degree of any kind (had to scurry afterward to pick up a doctorate—which I did in Canada—took me several years). But the most grievous 'error' was, I told the whole story—about hellish experiences as well as heavenly, about how psychic people tended to become afterward, about children's episodes, about suicides, about physiological after-effects and a much deeper look at the psychological after-effects, about depressions and divorce, and how most experiencers were deeply challenged by what they went through, and on and on.

...After seven years of almost constant attacks against me and a winter of tears, I knuckled down, worked harder, did more. Book after book followed, about my continued findings—some of which have now been clinically verified. I get butterflies in my stomach talking about the book, not just because I hit the 'wall' with it, but because a brief version of my own three near-death experiences is in Chapter Two, and some of my own challenges as an experiencer, sprinkled throughout the book. Coming Back to Life is very personal to me. Talking about it to people ... on radio shows is a new experience, one that brings butterflies to roost in my stomach.

...Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, even in the colour black that heartaches sometimes paint, and depression and disaster sometimes wear. That book also guaranteed me a spot in the Dutch study of near-death experiences that electrified the world, and it started a chain of people, thousands of them (and that's no exaggeration), who flooded me with thank-yous afterward, saying 'Your book saved my life'.

Who would have known? I still get goose-bumps just touching the book."

These are just some of the examples of what has set PMH as a most significant role model in my life as a fellow experiencer, researcher and facilitator. However the main difference between us is that I was, indeed, a very late bloomer—still being well hidden in the closet, as it were, and not entering into this work until the beginning of the millennium. And even after the NDE has become a household word, I, too, am sometimes met with opposition and setbacks. But I will no longer be daunted ... thanks to the examples set by PMH and others who've come before me.

PMH was not given the choice to stay on the Other Side ... or remain silent once she returned to this plane. She was given a specific assignment during her third NDE and there was no refusing it. The very same thing was true for me.

Again, this is all about the sharing of love and truth—whatever format we may be called to present it in—and the fact that this was my assignment—and PMH's—whilst on the Other Side: to share the fact that we live forever and that there is NO death! It is because of the actual experience ... and not mere hypothesis ... that enables people like PMH Atwater, myself and a host of others, to speak from authority and make this powerful declaration. Life IS eternal! YES, indeed it is! And what peace of mind can be granted to countless individuals from the comforting realisation that people who've BEEN there can attest that death is, indeed, an illusion and there's nothing whatever to fear.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

PMH Atwater on Toward The Light 20.7!

PMH AtwaterP.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.)

Born in Twin Falls, Idaho, Atwater married young and became a mother of three, Sunday School teacher, secretary, and prize winning cook. A handwriting analysis in the mid-sixties led to a complete career and life-style change. She was redirected into public service and innovative project development and analysis. Paralleling this change she began intensive research into paranormal and altered states of consciousness.

With a professional background in hypnotic past-life regressions, sensitivity work, de-haunting houses, and mediumship, she came to specialise in aura massage, astrology, numerology, dream and symbol interpretation, rune casting, divinatory and earth energy sensing.

1977 set the stage for severe health traumas resulting in death and the near-death phenomenon, three times in three months. The following year,

In an effort to understand what had happened to her and was still happening, she began to seek out and interview other near-death survivors. Her initial findings about the aftereffects of near-death were published in Vital Signs magazine, 1981-85, and later became Coming Back to Life: The Aftereffects of The Near-Death Experience (hardcover 1988 Dodd Mead & Co., paperback 1989 Ballantine Books, softcover, Citadel Press). After over fifteen years of intensive research, speaking with or interviewing over 3,000 near-death survivors, her book Beyong The Light, What Isn't Being Said About the Near-Death Experience (hard cover 1994 Birch Lane Press, paperback 1995 Avon Books) represents the most complete compendium yet done of the phenomenon, its aftereffects and implications (Its sequel: Future Memory, Birch Lane Press 1996, paperback edition from Hampton Roads Publishing).

An international authority on near-death states, she has served two terms on the Board of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Her book, Children of The New Millennium, a major study of child experiencers of near-death states, came out August 1999 from Three Rivers Press. It was then enlarged and rewritten as The New Children and Near-Death Experiences (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., 2003). With the help of David Morgan, she produced the world's first positive/negative, 360-degree compendium of the entire near-death phenomenon. Titled The Complete Idiots Guide to Near-Death Experiences, (available through Toward The Light), this 480-page Macmillan edition debuted March/April, 2000. Atwater has received numerous awards during her life. Her biography is in sixteen Who's Who Books, half of them international editions. Her most recent book is entitled, The BIG Book of Near-Death Experiences. (Please see below for more books/DVDs by PMH.)

Some of her findings have now been clinically verified in prospective studies, the latest in "The Lancet" medical journal 15.12.01, in the paper by Pim van Lommel, a Dutch cardiologist. She has lectured twice at the United Nations and at many other gatherings, large and small. Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers. She has been on such television talk shows as Sally Jessy Raphael, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, Regis & Kathy Lee, Geraldo, and The Shirley Show in Canada.

An accomplished rune caster specialising in the yin or feminine approach to rune use, she authored The Magical Language of Runes, (1990 Bear & Co.) and Goddess Runes (1996 Avon Books). Her talent with Goddess Runes was featured on the first two television informercials produced by Psychic Friends Network. She has produced 'Goddess Runes: Instructions in Brief,' and 'Goddess Runes: The Adventure Begins.' She attended Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, and received her humanities doctorate in 1992 from the International College of Spiritual and Psychic Studies (Spiritual Sciences Fellowship), Montreal, Canada. In March, 2005, P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. was awarded an Honorary Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counselling from Faculty of Medical Studies, Medicina Alternativa Institute, affiliated with The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka. And in the fall of 2005 she was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and the "Outstanding Service Award" from the International Association of Near-Death Studies.

PMH was my very first guest on Toward The Light back in March 2006 and she's been on the show a number of times. This will surely be a lively and informative show. PMH is my favourite 'walking encyclopaedia' and you'll know why after tuning in this Sunday.

Access Denied

Coming Back to Life by PMH Atwater, is the first book about the near-death phenomenon to look at all aspects of both the experience and its aftereffects—including the hellish experience, suicides, possible changes in brain structure and chemistry because of what happened, plus how the phenomenon really affects those who experience it—and compares all of this to what a person goes through after a transformation of consciousness, no matter how caused. The tone is up front and personal. The story of the author's three near-death experiences is covered in Chapter Two, as a way of setting the stage for this controversial investigation. Extensive Resource Section.

This is the revised edition of what has turned out to be PMH's best-selling book ever.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Feedback Worth Sharing...

Here is some wonderful feedback on the recent show with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips that is truly worth sharing:

Lovely MumLight, Cathy and Mark,

That was a beautiful, beautiful show..! It left me awed and choked up and the feeling inside was like a washing away of deep fear energy I didn't even know was in there... I realised the game isn't if the light or the dark 'wins', but how many people we can give directions to the party to! What a fantastic party it is, and will only get better as we find each other and this madness dissolves into light, despite itself, not the other way around.

Bless you all and thank you for being a light in my life. I'm so glad I can finally reach the switch to turn you on so I can see better...!

Love to Kelly too. We daughters have to stick together, you know.

Big hug,

(Juliet's daughter)

...And this from Cathy O':

Thank YOU! ...My heart is singing to the rhythm of your music, and I am forever grateful for the experience of hearing you touch Mark's heart with the whisper of your love.


Truth freed me from fear and enabled me to think and to speak about the government secrets that torture had caused me to forget. The truth that set me free can make us all free. Knowledge is our only defence against mind control. Once we consciously understand mind control and how trauma and lies perpetuate it, it can no longer be used against us—either as individuals or as a population. We have allowed a handful of criminals to box us in deeper and deeper for years, and now awareness is rising and truth is coming to light. Wake up! It is a new day! Think out-of-the-box. Think beyond what you've been led to believe. Ask questions. Research answers. Expand your thinking to consider other perceptions. Think for your self and know the truth that will set us free, once and for all.

~ Cathy O'Brien

I listened to your broadcast with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips with awe. I don't think the book ever dried from my tears. Yes, love and light always prevail.

~ Beverly Brodsky

Doing this radio show makes me high ... and you can clearly see why... :)

A Profound Message of the Triumph of Love

When I signed off the air after the sheer honour of having Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips on Toward The Light on 13th July, I was left in a total state of awe and wonder. I was so high as a result of the content of our dialogue and the love that was shared from beginning to end, I had to give myself time to take it all in and assimilate it. I felt such peace ... such joy ... and a deep satisfaction—realising that this is what I was still on this plane for ... and what Toward The Light is all about: sharing the truth that, no matter what, love does indeed prevail, regardless of the greatest adversity—rising above all odds—and being triumphant in the Light!

In fact, this show reminded me of having a spiritually transformative experience (STE) where one experiences being one with All that Is and with all life ... and I'd venture to say that, indeed, it was an STE—probably for all three of us! We continued in our communion and telepathic dialogue, even long after the show had ended, and the love was over-flowing.

This beautiful statement from Cathy says it all for me: "After your show, it seems that simplicity of understanding is demanding to be written into poetry. Like the concept 'Fear IS a Lie'. Truth frees us from fear. Simple words, yet only those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know wisdom will understand the reverberating message. It spans dimensions!"

It does, indeed, span dimensions and we, as experiencers, can speak with authority as a result of having had such experiences and come from a place of deep knowing and love.

What is also auspicious is that, on that same evening after we'd aired this show, I finally had the opportunity to view the very powerful video presentation from our friend, David Icke, entitled, Big Brother ~ The Big Picture, and what was interesting about this is that so many of the things he was saying were verbatim what Cathy, Mark and I had just stated and discussed on the show! All of us were simultaneously and unanimously sharing the same powerful message—namely that FEAR is the culprit of all this darkness and is the great LIE and that we are infinite consciousness and love. Therefore, this article would not be complete without sharing a link to Ickey's video presentation that he is freely sharing with the world. It is nearly three hours long, so get your tea and then sit down, get comfortable and click here to view. David speaks with such conviction, passion and compassion. You will be captivated and utterly uplifted, I can assure you!

And now you can also listen to the archived show with Mark & Cathy at Cathy's page on and I'd like to encourage that you share these with everyone—both David's presentation and M&C's appearance on Toward The Light. This is guaranteed to absolutely change and transform your life forever. Think of Mummy or Daddy coming in and awaking you from the most horrific nightmare and letting you know that everything is truly all right and that you are safe and loved! It's nothing short of that ... but on a grander and more profound scale.

I want to remind you too that, if truth did not have the ability to set us free ... and if love were not going to prevail over all this apparent darkness, then none of us would have been sent back from our near-death episodes—let alone survive—to share this message of love! What would be the point? When you think of the horrific and unspeakable trauma that both Cathy and her precious daughter, Kelly, have been subjected to ... and even dear Mark enduring trauma in his childhood and again in later years ... and the fact that these individuals are healed, in tact and so full of love, joy and peace in the truest sense, how could anything but love be the prevailing force?! Think about it! The dark ones did NOT win or have their way after all, did they? They sure tried and they inflicted great damage ... but there is absolutely nothing that love cannot heal or restore ... nothing!

It is true that the dark ones, the Shadow People, are still trying to inflict their dark agenda on the world, but they're also desperate and running scared, because of the fact that people all over the world are waking up en masse! And, the more people who are exposed to this tremendous message that we're now sharing, the quicker the dark ones will be diverted and stopped completely. As Cathy has so rightly pointed out, they're flat thinkers who cannot fathom the power of the human spirit and of love. So their thinking is flawed at best and they cannot possibly fulfil their agenda. Only clear knowledge and truth, which is centred in love, can be implemented and fulfilled completely.

On the show, all of us were expressing gratitude for these horrific and traumatic experiences that we've all endured, (yes, I have endured many as well, believe me...), because of the fact that it allowed living examples of the truth and power of love—to show that love does intervene and lift us out of the clutches of fear and darkness once and for all.

What is there to fear when you know that you cannot die or be destroyed? And that's precisely why so many precious souls have survived the unspeakable and have been able to share their profound experiences and the simple truth, once again, that love does and will, indeed, prevail.

My heartfelt love and gratitude go to Mark and Cathy for their wonderful appearance on Toward The Light and also for the auspicious timing of Ickey's presentation that took place just a few days ago—how beautifully synchronised this has been and the love and joy we've been sharing with one another. We've been celebrating the fact that what we're sharing, here, is going to help liberate countless individuals throughout the world and how gratifying that is that we are being used for the express purpose of sharing truth and love with others. It's as simple as that, really, and there's been no £$ in any of this—just the sheer joy in sharing ... and there's no greater reward than that.

Thus, that is why I always close my show by stating: Please remember that Only Love Prevails. It's because it really does! :)

You are loved...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Cathy O'Brien on Toward The Light 13.7!

"My name is Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O'Brien, born 4 December 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan. I have prepared this book, Access Denied ~ for Reasons of National Security, for your review and edification concerning a little known tool that 'our' United States Government is covertly, illegally, and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Order (One World Government). This well-documented tool is a sophisticated and advanced form of behaviour modification (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first-hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House 'Presidential Model' mind-control slave.

Much of the information enclosed herein has been corroborated and validated through brave and courageous 'clean' members of the law enforcement, scientific, and Intelligence communities familiar with this case. These individuals' efforts helped me to understand and corroborate what happened after a lifetime of systematic physical and psychological torture orchestrated to modify my behaviour through totally controlling my mind. Some of these courageous individuals are employed by the very system that controlled me and live in fear of losing their jobs, their families, or their lives. They have gone as far as they dare towards publicly exposing this tool of engineers of the New World Order—to no avail. This book is a grassroots effort to solicit and enlist the public and private support of Human Rights advocates, the recognised, respected doors in America to expose this invisible personal and social menace. This can be done by well organised, cooperative citizens with a passion for justice, who have expressed interest in restoring our Constitution and taking back America. This copy you hold is for your edification and action.

...It is my patriotic respect for the principles of truth, justice, and ultimately that freedom on which America was founded that compels me to expose the world domination motivations of those in control of our government, commonly referred to as the Shadow Government. By taking back America NOW, we can maintain the integrity of our country's history and future by detouring its destined course of being recognised world-wide for the mind-control atrocities unleashed on humanity that literally begin where Adolph Hitler left off. Hitler's version of world domination that he termed in 1939 the 'New World Order' is currently being implemented through advanced technologies in among others, genetic mind-controlled engineering by those in control of America.

...The expertise of my primary advocate and skilled deprogrammer, Mark Phillips, developed through his U.S. Defense Department knowledge of 'Top Secret' mind-control research and researchers, was responsible for the restoration of my mind to normal functioning. As a result, I have recovered the memories related in this text, and having survived the ordeal, have reached this point of enormous frustration. In 1988, through a series of brilliantly orchestrated events, Mark Phillips rescued me and my 8-year-old daughter, Kelly, from our mind-controlled existence and took us to the safety of Alaska for rehabilitation. It was there that we began the tedious process of untangling my amnesic mind to consciously recall what I was supposed to forget.

Many U.S. and foreign government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed and rehabilitated to accurately reveal the criminal covert activities and perversions in which Kelly and I were forced to participate, particularly during the Reagan/Bush Administrations. Now that I have gained control of my own mind, I view it as my duty as a mother and American patriot to exercise my gained free will to expose the mind control atrocities that my daughter and I endured at the hands of those in control of our government. This personal view of inside Pandora's Box includes a keen perception of how mind control is being used to apparently implement the New World Order, and a personal knowledge of WHO some sort of the so-called 'masterminds' are behind this world and mind dominance effort."

Cathy O' is a multiple NDEr, a dear friend and an extraordinary individual and this is going to be a truly amazing show that will literally have you on the edge of your seat! Listen to this programme and find out just how love does indeed triumph over all adversity and darkness! Cathy is a living testament to this very important truth and you will be forever inspired and full of hope!

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security is the blockbuster new book by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips, authors of the classic TRANCE Formation of America.

With their lives and liberty on the line, TRANCE was hurriedly condensed from courtroom testimony into a book form and privately published by the authors in September 1995.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security is the rest of their true life's story, which required 16 years for the authors to survive and three years for them to write. This book is an amazing testament to the strength of the human spirit and one you will never forget for as long as your thoughts remain free.

While TRANCE has become known worldwide in many licensed translations as one of the most successful US government whistleblowers' books ever written, it was never intended for the public who had no reference for understanding mind control nor was it to be considered a book. Rather it is what it is, a true and, to date, uncontested document for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight. TRANCE is Cathy O'Brien's documented testimony she provided to US courts, US Congress, and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Abuses of her existence as a CIA MK-Ultra mind control project's slave.

ACCESS DENIED is a real book of answers, solutions and positive hope for all of 'u.s.' and our allies around the world. This book was written for everyone and especially for the thousands who have read TRANCE and were left to imagine pertinent details that could not be included.

* How did Cathy recover from being tortured 'out of her mind' until age 30 when intelligence insider Mark Phillips triggered and rescued her and her daughter Kelly away from their CIA operative handler?

* What are the documented details of how Mark & Cathy survived the state and federal and Congressional judicial gristmill aptly called the criminal justice system?

* Last but not least, what are the facts as to how Mark & Cathy were able to survive long enough to globally expose the criminal acts of some of the most politically powerful people who are still in control of our planet to this very day?

ACCESS DENIED is a whistleblowers' living guide to success.

Cathy O'Brien is an NDEr who's a shining example of the power of Love over darkness. She'll be our special guest on TTL on 13.7!