Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A Profound Message of the Triumph of Love

When I signed off the air after the sheer honour of having Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips on Toward The Light on 13th July, I was left in a total state of awe and wonder. I was so high as a result of the content of our dialogue and the love that was shared from beginning to end, I had to give myself time to take it all in and assimilate it. I felt such peace ... such joy ... and a deep satisfaction—realising that this is what I was still on this plane for ... and what Toward The Light is all about: sharing the truth that, no matter what, love does indeed prevail, regardless of the greatest adversity—rising above all odds—and being triumphant in the Light!

In fact, this show reminded me of having a spiritually transformative experience (STE) where one experiences being one with All that Is and with all life ... and I'd venture to say that, indeed, it was an STE—probably for all three of us! We continued in our communion and telepathic dialogue, even long after the show had ended, and the love was over-flowing.

This beautiful statement from Cathy says it all for me: "After your show, it seems that simplicity of understanding is demanding to be written into poetry. Like the concept 'Fear IS a Lie'. Truth frees us from fear. Simple words, yet only those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know wisdom will understand the reverberating message. It spans dimensions!"

It does, indeed, span dimensions and we, as experiencers, can speak with authority as a result of having had such experiences and come from a place of deep knowing and love.

What is also auspicious is that, on that same evening after we'd aired this show, I finally had the opportunity to view the very powerful video presentation from our friend, David Icke, entitled, Big Brother ~ The Big Picture, and what was interesting about this is that so many of the things he was saying were verbatim what Cathy, Mark and I had just stated and discussed on the show! All of us were simultaneously and unanimously sharing the same powerful message—namely that FEAR is the culprit of all this darkness and is the great LIE and that we are infinite consciousness and love. Therefore, this article would not be complete without sharing a link to Ickey's video presentation that he is freely sharing with the world. It is nearly three hours long, so get your tea and then sit down, get comfortable and click here to view. David speaks with such conviction, passion and compassion. You will be captivated and utterly uplifted, I can assure you!

And now you can also listen to the archived show with Mark & Cathy at Cathy's page on and I'd like to encourage that you share these with everyone—both David's presentation and M&C's appearance on Toward The Light. This is guaranteed to absolutely change and transform your life forever. Think of Mummy or Daddy coming in and awaking you from the most horrific nightmare and letting you know that everything is truly all right and that you are safe and loved! It's nothing short of that ... but on a grander and more profound scale.

I want to remind you too that, if truth did not have the ability to set us free ... and if love were not going to prevail over all this apparent darkness, then none of us would have been sent back from our near-death episodes—let alone survive—to share this message of love! What would be the point? When you think of the horrific and unspeakable trauma that both Cathy and her precious daughter, Kelly, have been subjected to ... and even dear Mark enduring trauma in his childhood and again in later years ... and the fact that these individuals are healed, in tact and so full of love, joy and peace in the truest sense, how could anything but love be the prevailing force?! Think about it! The dark ones did NOT win or have their way after all, did they? They sure tried and they inflicted great damage ... but there is absolutely nothing that love cannot heal or restore ... nothing!

It is true that the dark ones, the Shadow People, are still trying to inflict their dark agenda on the world, but they're also desperate and running scared, because of the fact that people all over the world are waking up en masse! And, the more people who are exposed to this tremendous message that we're now sharing, the quicker the dark ones will be diverted and stopped completely. As Cathy has so rightly pointed out, they're flat thinkers who cannot fathom the power of the human spirit and of love. So their thinking is flawed at best and they cannot possibly fulfil their agenda. Only clear knowledge and truth, which is centred in love, can be implemented and fulfilled completely.

On the show, all of us were expressing gratitude for these horrific and traumatic experiences that we've all endured, (yes, I have endured many as well, believe me...), because of the fact that it allowed living examples of the truth and power of love—to show that love does intervene and lift us out of the clutches of fear and darkness once and for all.

What is there to fear when you know that you cannot die or be destroyed? And that's precisely why so many precious souls have survived the unspeakable and have been able to share their profound experiences and the simple truth, once again, that love does and will, indeed, prevail.

My heartfelt love and gratitude go to Mark and Cathy for their wonderful appearance on Toward The Light and also for the auspicious timing of Ickey's presentation that took place just a few days ago—how beautifully synchronised this has been and the love and joy we've been sharing with one another. We've been celebrating the fact that what we're sharing, here, is going to help liberate countless individuals throughout the world and how gratifying that is that we are being used for the express purpose of sharing truth and love with others. It's as simple as that, really, and there's been no £$ in any of this—just the sheer joy in sharing ... and there's no greater reward than that.

Thus, that is why I always close my show by stating: Please remember that Only Love Prevails. It's because it really does! :)

You are loved...

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