Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A Real Joy, As Always...

Life After LifeIt was such a joy having Peter Shockey back on Toward The Light. The events that led to his producing the film, Life After Life, are quite remarkable and clearly, it was meant to be. He details his uncanny ability to produce special effects with light and being able to capture the essence (or close to it, anyway) of being in the tunnel ... or on the Other Side ... and enveloped by the Light during a near-death episode. It was as a result of this, plus his having had a profound spiritually transformative experience in his youth ... that convinced Raymond Moody that Peter was, indeed, the right film producer to create a movie version of his best-selling book.

And now, as was mentioned on the air, the film has been digitally remastered and is available for sale in DVD format for one's enjoyment.

Journey of LightFor those who are interested, one can order the DVD (some of which are autographed by PS) directly from TTL or you can order from the official LAL website and, for a limited time, receive a free copy of the beautiful book, Journey of Light, by Peter & Stowe Shockey.

To order the LAL DVD directly from TTL, please click on the LAL image above. To order the LAL DVD with the free book, please click on the JOL image at right.

Even after all this time, just seeing the LAL trailer ... or just merely thinking about it ... brings me to tears; it is that beautiful and moving—not to mention how inspiring and full of promise it is.

Peter & Stowe are such wonderful friends and I am honoured to know them and to work with them.

Enjoy Life After Life in all its splendid glory! What a masterpiece!

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