Monday, 13 October 2008

An Amazing Show with Alfred, David & Cathy!

To say that the special panel on Toward The Light featuring Alfred Webre, David Icke & Cathy O'Brien (Mark Phillips wasn't able to join us after all), was absolutely amazing would be an understatement! The love and the optimism held by all of us was profound ... and it was so easy to share not only the truth of what is taking place in our world, but the tremendous hope and opportunity that await us in future! These dear souls are such endearing examples of the triumph of love over fear and, when we can remember Who we are ... and our divine heritage, nothing whatsoever can really harm or destroy us in any way. And the times that we are living in now are providing a tremendous opportunity to prove that very fact!

My heartfelt gratitude to Alfred, Cathy & David for sharing this wonderful dialogue with me for all to hear. As you well know, the lot of you are very dear to my heart.

Anyway, you'll just have to listen to the show once it's archived, again and again... You will be inspired. We'll let you know when the show is archived.

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