Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Kimberly Wencl on Toward The Light 28.9!

Kimberly WenciKimberly Wencl is a wife to Roger and mother to Elizabeth and Anna and has been employed by SPX Corporation in Owatonna, Minnesota for 34 years, working in purchasing, sales, and customer service. Her present position is in International customer service. She says she lives a very ordinary life and loves every minute of it.

She has always been interested and fascinated by psychic phenomenon, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and spirit communication. However, she had absolutely no personal experience with any of them.

That all changed on 20th September, 2003, when her daughter, 20-year-old University of Minnesota student, Elizabeth Wencl, died from an early morning fire at her duplex just blocks from the University. Kim now shares the truly amazing journey through the devastating loss of her daughter. She shares the premonitions she received prior to Liz's death as well as the messages and signs she and others received from Liz after her death—ultimately leading her to Kathryn Harwig
, an internationally-acclaimed author, teacher, trainer, attorney, intuitive and friend. Kathryn was able to bridge the gap between mother and daughter, and Kim’s life has been forever changed.

Kim will share her own personal journey to intuitive knowing and peace. In November 2005 she completed Kathryn's Intuitive Mastery Program, and since that time, her own intuitive abilities have continued to grow and get stronger. She now strives to incorporate this gift into her everyday life, to share her story, and to help others on their life journeys.

Kim's story is included in the book, True Stories of Messages From Beyond, by Julie Aydlott. It was released in July, 2007 and is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the website: www.messages-from-beyond.com.

Messages from Beyond
Messages from Beyond

This is sure to be another heart-warming and inspiring show. Please join us! :)

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