Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Matthew Delooze on Toward The Light 14.9!

Matthew Delooze was abducted by aliens as a child. He has also had a near-death experience. His experiences then have led him to uncover evidence that we are ruled covertly by reptilian aliens. He has uncovered symbolism hidden in plain sight in our towns and cities, and in major events like Live 8 to support his ideas. Matthew's latest book relates the photographs he took at Dendera to what he calls The Serpent Cult—interdimensional aliens who are vampirising our spiritual energy for their own sinister ends. Matthew Delooze is calling for us, the human race, to free ourselves and reclaim our true spiritual legacy. Matthew was born in 1959 and lives with his wife and two grown-up children in Lancashire, UK (Juliet's birthplace!).

Matthew is the author of three books: The Stars Are Falling, You Will Be Wiser When You're Older and Is It Me For A Moment.

I am pleased to have Matthew back on Toward The Light, as he's been on a couple of times before. He’s going to share his NDE and the positive and not-so-positives aspects of the Afterlife from his own perspective gleaned from his experiences.

The Stars Are Falling
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The Stars Are Falling ~ Since Matthew Delooze's encounters with interdimensional beings during his childhood, and a spiritual awakening in 1998, he has been directed by mysterious forces. In 2005 he found himself being guided to visit Egypt, specifically the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. The astonishing photographs he took there suggest that we were ruled then by a race of reptilian aliens. Matthew believes that those reptilian aliens, the Serpent Cult, still rule us today, using their human puppets to deceive us into surrendering our spiritual self-possession. He draws parallels between ancient Egyptian gods, the 'Live 8' concerts, monuments in our towns and cities and the imagery in the Pope's regalia to show us how. He also suggests how you, the reader, can awaken from your trance and reclaim your true spiritual legacy.

You Will Be Wiser When You're Older
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You Will Be Wiser When You're Older ~ 1965, Burnley, north-west England, Matthew Delooze was 6 years old. He was out playing, climbing over a wall when a bird caught his attention. Suddenly he found himself on a spacecraft talking to a beautiful woman. She told him that he had agreed to help save the world and when he objected that he was only a little boy, she told him, "You will be wiser when you're older." She showed him horrific vivid images of earth's future on a large screen, floods and destruction, dead bodies of children and old people. There would be people burning in fires and then people being shot and blown up, starving children and animals being butchered. He was then returned to earth. This was just the beginning. This is Matthew's story in his own words.

Is It Me For A Moment
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Is It Me For A Moment? ~ Matthew Delooze carries on from where he left off in The Stars are Falling. This time he is spiritually directed to The Street of the Knights, which is located on the ancient island of Rodos (Rhodes) to gather more information about the Serpent Cult’s hypnotic grip over the human race. Matthew Delooze asks “Who are you? Do you think you are living in a free world? Do you show the world your true self or do you put on an act and project a false, socially accepted, personality to the outside world? Is it really you that is freely presented openly to this world or do you present a manufactured clone in your place instead?” Matthew Delooze claims it is time to ‘Break the Serpent’s Spell.’ Do not read this book if you are content in your life or you believe the establishments version of religion. Your life will never be the same again. You have been warned.

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