Monday, 10 November 2008

Chris Everard Couldn't Be Reached!

In only a three-week period, I've had two 'no-shows' on Toward The Light — Steve Mitchell on 19 October and now Chris Everard on 9 November. I did receive a warning from Steve in advance that his telephone and internet were down, but he had his mobile. However, even his mobile failed us that day and we were unable to make contact. Still, Steve was kind enough to alert me that he was temporarily out of commission — and these things do happen — but this was not the case with Chris. He just simply could not be reached, period.

When I had Chris Everard on Toward The Light back on 31 August, he was interested in being on my show again, so I booked him for 9th November. Actually it was his idea to be on my show yesterday — even though he was travelling to the Vatican on the previous days. When I did express concern, he assured me he'd be back in time for the show and he also had other show engagements booked upon his return from the Vatican. I had his mobile number as well so I hoped we were covered...

When we tried to ring both of Chris's numbers and still couldn't get him no matter what, I was quite put off, needless to say. Why didn't CE have the decency to contact me and postpone or cancel the show as Steve had had the kindness to do? I tend to hold good manners and decent human courtesy in high regard and when people fail to display simple thoughtful behaviour, I find little or no real excuse for it.

It seems that several people — especially some who have become more 'high-profile' or well-known — often become too ego-driven and self-centred, which results in a lot of thoughtless behaviour. In my way of thinking, there's no excuse for this. We are all having the human experience on this plane and no one is more 'superior' or 'important' than another, just because of one's so-called 'status' or 'station' in life, etc. David Icke, for example, is extremely well-known; yet he was kind enough to ring me and let me know that he couldn't make a show when he was suddenly taken ill. But, bless him, I was granted enough time to replace him for that show and we simply rescheduled, which is perfectly fine!

Why CE wouldn't have granted me the same courtesy to contact me and let me know that he'd not be able to make the show after all, I do not know. He could have postponed and it would have been fine, as we would have rescheduled. I realise that things happen — especially when one is travelling — but so much of the time this type of behaviour has been out of sheer neglect and discourtesy, that's all.

When you're in the media, there's a certain etiquette that should be followed and, with one who's been on numerous film and radio appearances, you'd think he'd know the protocol and display these basic courtesies.

I am going to give Chris the benefit of the doubt and allow him some time to contact me and let me know what happened — why he wasn't available for his guest appearance on my show and why he failed to contact me in advance, then. So far, there's been no word from Chris ... and if I don't hear from him within a reasonable amount of time, I will be left with no choice but to not have him back on Toward The Light.

I endeavour to be very professional and responsible in the production of this radio programme. I spend countless dedicated hours in putting this tremendous show together and am passionate about it; so it's awkward when we have these mishaps — especially when listeners are tuned in expecting to hear a guest! Alas, some things just can't be helped...

My sincere apologies to all of my listeners for this. It does happen that a certain guest will be a 'no show' or 'stand me up' — Ned Dougherty was one such individual who completely stood me up without a single word — but thank goodness this is a rare occurrence. I will say that I feel deeply disappointed when a guest or potential guest is not exercising integrity. It only takes a moment to make a call or send an eMail. Courteous communication is vital in this work and in our lives.

The simple recipe, if we're going to fare well in this world, is communication, co-operation and love. :)

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