Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chris Everard on Toward The Light 31.8!

Chris Everard

Chris Everard ~ Chris started his own film production organisation five years ago and has made the world’s only series of made-for-cinema political documentaries. It is the first non-fiction film series to go to FOUR volumes. THE ILLUMINATI series of films have changed people’s lives. Tens of thousands of copies are shipped all over the world. There is not a country on the face of planet earth which does not have a customer of his. And that includes Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other places which George Bush has bombed. In fact American Military personnel are some of his biggest fans!

His films are the most commonly watched films on Google Video and YouTube. In fact, illegal foreign translations of the films are watched by thousands of people every day. The films are also the most commonly pirated films on Ebay.

Chris was the first person to broadcast leaked audio and video clips of NASA astronauts discussing UFOs. His series of films about the secret space programme are the biggest selling films of their kind and the only UFO feature-length documentaries to play to cinema audiences in Europe. Consequently, he has upset the bosses of NASA even though two astronauts told him that his films were passed around amongst space shuttle crews on a weekly basis!

In 2007, Chris made Spirit World, the first and only feature-length made-for-cinema documentary about life after death. It exposed for the first time the highest rituals and magical ceremonies of many secret societies. It was the first film to ever prove that the inventor of Television, John Logie Baird, actually stumbled across his invention due to experiments with psychic mediums and cathode ray tubes...

Please click on image for more detailed information about Chris and his fine body of work.

He's produced some powerful films—some of which feature David Icke. These include Spirit World, Secret Space, Lady Die and more. We will be discussing the findings revealed in Spirit World—a feature-length documentary exposing the techniques of spirit communication used by psychics, shamans and scientists throughout the ages.

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