Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Powerful Show Despite Technical Glitches!

Whenever we do a transmission of Toward The Light, I make it a point to be as professional as possible, but sometimes there's nothing one can do when there are numerous technical problems, and today was simply one of those days that seemed destined to have one thing after the other go awry ... so we just had to grin and bear it and try to remain in good humour! Alas, it is more difficult when you're doing everything via telephone and the equipment just gets in a bad mood and decides not to cooperate! Phooey!

This show was one of those that was beset with problems from the get-go. Don (at BBS Radio) was having problems with the telephone lines and other equipment; plus the fact that he couldn't seem to make the connection when trying to ring my guest, Steve Mitchell in the UK. The show started late as a result and it was hard to hear each other, but Steve and I flowed into a good dialogue nonetheless.

I was very much appreciating the dialogue we had, as he was able to put the lofty experiences, facts and discoveries that I find utterly ineffable to describe into neat and clear scientific terms. It also helped that, indeed, we had so much in common—from both having very mystical and enchanting experiences since childhood—thus being focused on the spiritual path; we're both musicians, Reiki practitioners, researchers and writers, among other things. Another thing we've got in common is that we both wanted to figure out how and why things work the way they do—doing what we can to balance the experiences and discoveries with a clear understanding of them in ways that we can integrate them into the more 'tangible' realm, thus bridging the gap between various dimensions of reality. This, in tern can help one to realise that all of this is totally natural and part of the divine order.

In fact, it was wonderful to note, for example, that we even referred to a number of the same things such as the fact that we're living in a multiverse and being multi-dimensional and so on. We also spoke of energy and everything having a specific frequency. Both being in music made it easy to speak in a language that we're very familiar and resonate with. Still, Steve is way ahead of me in being able to explain all of this in scientific and even mathematical terms which is something I lack entirely.

All of this was brilliantly conveyed in his film, Dragons and Rings. Yes, the visuals are very necessary in order for this material to make proper sense and have meaning. When I saw Steve's film, I was so taken by its beautiful imagery and clear narration which he did himself. He taps upon so many things that I've been experiencing and speaking about for years; yet, again, he's able to put so much of this into scientific terms that I've never had the gift to convey—thus validating things in ways that make all this much easier to grasp for those who need things to not be quite so lofty or seemingly out of reach!

Sadly, as we were coming to the close of the programme, we somehow both got cut off, so I wasn't able to sign off and close the show properly. I couldn't acknowledge and thank Steve on the air for sharing his brilliant discoveries as he's sojourned on this magnificent journey that ultimately resulted in the production of Dragons and Rings. Again, it was just one of those days full of mishaps that were entirely beyond our control. Well, now I will, indeed, say thank you, Steve, for your kind sharing on the show!

The love was clearly there, in spite of the lack of a smooth transmission of Toward The Light.

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