Monday, 21 April 2008

Jenny Smedley On Toward The Light

On 20 April I had the honour of interviewing Jenny Smedley on Toward The Light. This was a most remarkable show where the two hours just flew by as we spoke about some amazing content.

Jenny had suffered from depression for quite some time—which also included recurring and terrifying nightmares. She was very happily married—and still is—and everything seemed in perfect order. Yet she could not seem to figure out what the root cause of her depression was—something that even caused her to wish, at times, that her life would end.

She described the powerful events that led to the discovery of the cause of her depression: unresolved issues from a past life! She divulged the intricate details of the past life that had triggered severe nightmares and feelings of hopelessness and a lack of meaning or purpose in her current life.

One day, whilst still very depressed and unhappy, she was walking through a shopping mall, when she suddenly heard a song that quite haunted her. A short while in future, she was looking upon a bottle of pills sitting on her coffee table and decided against taking them in an attempt to end her life. She flung the pills all about and then suddenly heard a voice from within say, 'Switch on the TV'. Thinking, 'well okay, why not?', she switched on the telly where she suddenly beheld a man's face on the screen. Looking at those penetrating blue eyes changed her life at that very instant.

She couldn't understand why she was suddenly changed, but indeed, she was and she knew it. The depression lifted and the nightmares also disappeared. The man in question was a recording artist and Jenny had just caught what was the beginning of a concert on TV. The timing was absolutely perfect. She'd never been keen on country music—as is the case with most people in the UK, but she felt compelled to view and listen to the entire concert. And one of the songs performed was called The Dance—the very song she'd heard at the shopping mall!

What was the significance of this country recording artist and why (or how) was it that this individual had the power to completely change the course of Jenny's life forever? You can read all about it in her amazing book, Souls Don't Lie, and also listen to the archived show (coming shortly) on Jenny's page.

Souls Don't Lie

I'll allude to the fact that, through a series of past-life regressions, Jenny found out that she and this individual were married in a past life. In that life, his name was Ryan and that's who she kept calling out to in her nightmares! The man in question is ... Garth Brooks. She was able to accurately retrieve all of the names, dates and locations involved in this past life that took place in the 1600s, as a result of her past-life regressions and research. It's all been verified and is documented in her brilliant book.

Furthermore, what's so interesting about all this is that I was very much in the same circles as Garth Brooks whilst living in Nashville! And here's another interesting point: Jenny had always been terrified of flying ... but somehow mustered the courage to finally fly (for the first time) to Nashville to meet Garth in 1999—the same year that I moved to Nashville! I moved there in January of that year.

Yes, she did meet Garth and, yes, he recognised her straight away and gave her a huge embrace. (See book cover.) Again, you must read her book and listen to this show!

Oh, and something else that's very interesting here is the fact that Nashville In Harmony, the choral group I was in whilst in Nashville, sang a powerful song by Garth Brooks, We Shall Be Free, at the Ryman Auditorium. We sang there on 9th July 2006. Funnily enough, I've never even heard the original version of it that Garth produced—only the version that the choir sang.

Nashville In Harmony at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

That's what I mean about how auspicious all this is—how kindred spirits have, indeed, been brought to me as a result of producing this radio show. And we keep coming to realise what a small world it is in so many ways.

Pay attention when you see or encounter someone who seems oddly familiar to you—regardless of ones role and status. And pay attention to the synchronicities that occur in your life. It just might be that you're connecting with someone who's been with you in a past life...


JennySmedley said...

What a wonderfully warm and generous host Juliet is. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview on her fantastic show. It's so nice when the interviewer is skilled and relaxed and knowledgeable!

Jenny Smedley

Anonymous said...

I've been so interested in Jenny's story ever since I first found her web-site. Just read this interview blog and can't help but get the shivers at the way the universe manages to bring people together! I don't believe in accidents!
We are all really connected.

Jenny Smedley said...

What a lovely comment to leave, thank you :)
Yes I agree, when we look back we can see a map leading us to where we are, but at the time it requires so much trust.