Thursday, 24 April 2008

Joanna Garzilli on Toward The Light 27.4

Since our guest that was scheduled this week had to cancel, due to a death in the family, we've got another fine guest as a result of some auspicious events that have just taken place. Spirit works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Our guest on Sunday is Joanna Garzilli, author of Unleash The Psychic In You.

Joanna Garzilli is America's Intuition Coach™. She shares her passion of how to trust your intuition in her new book, UNLEASH THE PSYCHIC IN YOU.

Joanna’s clients would express how they wished that they had her gift so she created an Interactive Workshop, 'TRUST YOUR INTUITION'. She compiled years of self-education into a few hours. The result, everyone giving and receiving intuitive readings! She has had 100% success rate to date. As a respected workshop facilitator and motivational speaker, Joanna’s passion is guiding, inspiring and coaching her clients to a state of self-reliance and to trust their gut.

We'll be discussing the importance of using and trusting your own intuition on Toward The Light. This is a show you definitely won't want to miss! And speaking of intuition, you may enjoy reading my article, Trusting Your Own Intuition.

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