Sunday, 25 May 2008

An Experience of True Knowing

I knew that having JM (Jonathan) Harrison--author of We Are All One—on Toward The Light would be special, and, indeed, it was. In spite of having an ‘average’ upbringing that also included typically being discouraged away from trusting or using his innate intuition, he, nonetheless, had numerous experiences that were beyond the confines of the physical five-sensory world people often refer to as ‘reality’.

In 2002, whilst at dinner with his wife and two other friends, JM suddenly fell into a deep trance and started channelling information that was very powerful, relevant and meaningful. Then in 2007, he underwent a near-death experience. What was interesting about this is that he wasn’t ill at all; he simply collapsed onto the floor, leaving his wife in a state of shock and grave concern. Whilst out-of-body and hovering above, he was able to hear her thoughts and realised that he needed to return to this plane for the sake of his wife and children.

A few days later, he sat down and started writing ... for six days straight—having little awareness of what was being written, as if a force greater than him was doing the writing. “I didn’t choose the words,” he stated. “The words chose me.” And yet he acknowledges this wisdom as coming from his true Self—that which he tapped in to and experienced during his NDE and STEs (spiritually transformative experiences). As a result of these experiences, he was able to know the absolute truth that we are all One—hence the title of his book.

During the show, we discussed the fact that he could have had the NDE solely for the sake of gleaning the wisdom he did and to share it with others—to be yet another messenger of truth that one can only come to know through such deep and direct experiences. Hearing all of this made me glow inside. What a gift, indeed!

Jonathan is currently working on a second book centred on the fact that consciousness does not come from the physical human brain, but rather is something stemming from the Universal Consciousness.

As more and more individuals—from mystics to enlightened physicists—are conveying this very truth, as well as the fact that we do not lose consciousness when our physical bodies die, more and more people will be freed of the stranglehold of the fear of death and the belief that human beings merely slip into a deep void of nothingness and oblivion when death takes their bodies.

JM pointed out how vitally important it is to have an open mind and to put the ego aside and not allow it to control or dominate our thinking and the goals or dreams that we pursue in this life journey. Love must be at the helm of these pursuits always.

I do encourage you to read his book, We Are All One, and see for yourself the pure essence of that love and oneness that one comes to know through such experiences. It is there for everyone to experience and know from the deepest stratum of ones being, not just a few ‘privileged’ individuals.

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