Monday, 19 May 2008

JM Harrison on Toward The Light 25 May!

J.M.Harrison is a mystic, author and innovative healer who has developed the ability to reveal a pathway to true being. He describes his role as 'a sharer of signposts, a guide in the process of self-realisation'. A radical spiritual awakening in 2002 propelled him into a sequence of life changing mystical episodes, and a near-death experience launched his consciousness into an awakened state whereby the interconnectedness of all things was no longer a concept, but an experienced reality. Part of the process was the giving up of all ‘business’ interests in 2005—becoming the co-founder along with his wife, Wendy, and fellow truth-seeker, Sharon Jeffries, of ‘The Dubon Centre of Healing and Awareness’ in Gascony, France from where they conduct life changing retreats.

Using a combination of the concepts contained in the book as well as meditation, contemplation, discussion and a selection of holistic treatments, visitors can be guided into a deepening of spiritual awareness.

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We Are All One. When we allow ourselves to become aware of this statement in its purest form, we open the doors to reveal the oneness of being. Using the process of conscious evolution we begin to recognise our true underlying identity, for once we have glimpsed the existence of this realm, we then begin to reveal what it is . . . our true natural state.

Jonathan regularly contributes to a ‘WE ARE ALL ONE’ blogspot which evolves the philosophical themes of non-duality and oneness to a deeper degree

'We are all One' is something that many of us NDErs repeatedly echo—coming from a place of deep knowing and love...

We Are All One"When you venture beyond identity, you realise that what you are is awakened consciousness. No longer a separate piece of the puzzle of life, but interconnected existence itself."

We Are All One ~ Jonathan Harrison’s message in We Are All One is a journey aiming to abandon the ego in order to embrace the true wholeness of life in the world, through which individuality is not lost but incorporated in a more complete universal vision, a holistic approach that leads to non-duality or oneness.

J.M. Harrison is a spiritual guide, intuitive healer, and mystic. He founded and currently runs a healing and awareness centre in France called 'Dubon'.

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