Monday, 5 May 2008

A Great Show with James Gilliland

Having James Gilliland on my show was very much an honour and something I was truly looking forward to. Throughout the dialogue, it was clear that we were both very much ‘on the same page’ and it was a joy to speak with someone with whom I could so deeply resonate.

As fellow NDErs, it’s not uncommon to be catapulted onto a path of deep service to others ... as a result of the near-death episode. We never see or regard things in the same way after an episode—ever!

As James felt the intense sense of purpose and a responsibility to fulfil an important calling during his NDE, he opted to return to the 3D world; whereas I never volunteered to return, but was informed that I needed to—for the same reason as James. Of course I had to oblige—as much as it broke my heart to have to return to this plane! And, yes, I do find great joy in fulfilling this mission and I’m still doing it!

These callings are rarely, if ever, motivated by the quest for £$. In fact, if one chooses to pursue £$, the motive does not arise from the near-death episode, but from the perspective of the ego that cultivates such a pursuit, so let’s make no mistake about the motives behind such pursuits. Those of us who have got such callings as these tend to be very passionate about them—whether or not £$ is involved. I’m always grateful for any donations that come in, but quite frankly, £$ isn’t, nor has it ever been, the driving force behind any of my work. It’s the love and the sheer goodness that is shared with others that is the driving force, here.

When James was describing his NDE and being enveloped in that all-encompassing unconditional love of the Light, I kept nodding my head with total understanding of what he was referring to. When one has experienced the sheer bliss of unconditional love, it is very natural to want to share it with everyone! And the truth is: it’s possible for everyone to experience and know this love from the very depth of ones being. As I pointed out during the show, it’s a shame that ‘unconditional love’ has become such a cliché, but it is something that is so valid and real just the same. There is a tremendous knowing that comes with such experiences—a knowing that never fades over time.

One’s entire demeanour changes completely when one has truly experienced the state of unconditional love and being enveloped in that pure light so often mentioned by NDErs. And, alas, there are truly no words that could ever describe the magnitude of what such an experience entails. You just know that perfect oneness with All That IS and with that, there is no sense of fear or lack whatever! That’s why there’s a natural yearning for us experiencers to want to share this state with others—however we can do—and to let everyone know that we can never be separated from the LightSource or from one another, because, indeed, we are all One!

This is the ‘stuff’ of our experiences ... and our work. It is something that I hope, in time, will permeate the entire psyche of the human species, so that all fear can and will be dissipated and replaced with love.

James is on an amazing journey where he shares the wisdom gleaned from his NDE and other powerful experiences in his life. He's shared the fact, for example, that we occupy a tiny speck of one in countless universes/multiverses and the countless lifeforms that exist throughout them. With this, too, he is committed to eliminating the tendency to regard other lifeforms with fear and trepidation. Most of them are very benevolent and centred in love. Find out more by visiting his website.


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