Sunday, 18 May 2008

More Positive Strides in the Realm of Science & Metaphysics

It was truly an honour having Mario Beauregard, PhD as my special guest on Toward The Light. I realised what a ‘small world’ it is as he mentioned people in his book and during the show that I know: Drs. Peter Fenwick and Pim van Lommel—both of whom have been on Toward The Light.

What’s interesting is that Mario is currently working with these physicians in project studies centred in NDEs and consciousness and proving its existence outside of the physical brain. Of course, when I had Drs. Peter & Pim on my show last fall, they did attest to the fact that these projects were now under way, so it was nice to connect with yet another individual who’s working in concert with them and they’re making great strides in the study of consciousness and the soul.

These are men I’ve got great respect for. They’re not being ‘narrow-minded fundamentalists’ with their myopic mind-set who are stuck ‘inside the box’ and who refuse to broaden their vision to embrace a truth that, to many of us, is so glaringly obvious! I commend them for their courage and forthrightness in honouring the higher calling in the pursuit of truth rather than that of status.

We are not biological robots, as Mario points out, or body computers as David Icke refers to them. We are divine beings who animate the body-computer. PMH Atwater, a fellow NDEr and researcher, has also pointed this out in her books and articles. And let us not forget Claude Swanson, PhD, author of the book, Synchronized Universe, who was recently on Toward The Light—a physicist who's also liberating science out of the darkness of denial and into the light!

These are people I hold very dear to my heart and am ever so grateful to them for helping to shed the light on a complex world that some still deem is ‘flat’!

Read Mario’s book, The Spiritual Brain, (see article below and click on the book image to order) and also check out the work of the other afore-mentioned individuals herein.

Someday soon, there will be no question whatever that consciousness does indeed survive physical death of the body ... and so do we!

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