Monday, 16 June 2008

Apologies to Listeners...

I was having such a lovely interview and dialogue with my special guest, Cindy Miller, on Sunday, 15 June, when suddenly the lines went dead. Blip!—and it was gone. I rang BBS Radio to find out what had happened and Don informed me that the power had just gone out, due to fires raging in their region in northern California, and just a couple of days prior to that, everyone at BBS Radio had to evacuate as the fires loomed closer and closer to their facility. What a week it has been for BBS Radio!

Alas, we did manage to get close to an hour’s worth of dialogue on the air with Cindy and it was such a delightful one indeed. In fact, after we were cut off, Cindy rang me on my mobile and we continued our wonderful dialogue for probably another hour!

We both acknowledged that this untimely event was meant to be—albeit, at a most awkward time—but we were able to share a lot between us and realise just how much we’ve got in common.

Being a radio show host has granted me the richest treasure of friends that one could ever imagine ... and I cannot tell you how deeply grateful I am for this, oh BIG time!

We’ll have to have Cindy back on the show, so we can complete our dialogue for our listeners to enjoy and find enrichment. Meanwhile, please keep everyone at BBS Radio in your prayers as they’re dealing with fires and power cuts in their region. As intuitives, Cindy an I both felt that Don, et al, at BBS should leave California—that this may be a warning that that is a vulnerable and dangerous area to be situated in ... but Don is not about to leave California—according to what he told me. He thinks it’s ‘safer than other areas’. I do respect his opinion—even if I do not share it myself.

Meanwhile, I am about to move house ... and we’ll see where the wind blows me...

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