Monday, 23 June 2008

A Wonderful Double Line-Up!

It was such a joy to have two guests—both friends—on Toward The Light on 22 June. I've known Martha St. Claire for a few years and we've worked side-by-side in our endeavours to bring more awareness of the NDE into the mainstream and I see how it's definitely made in impact in recent years. The passion for the work is apparent when you hear Martha speak about her NDE and the special path and calling that has ensued as a result. The heart just bursts wide open and the love is undeniable. I never fail to be moved to tears when conversing with a fellow experiencer like Martha.

Working with Don Newsom every week for over two years has been such a joy and I'm so grateful for his very kind words of acknowledgements and love on the air. I refer to him as my favourite 'octopus' as he's always so busy tirelessly keeping the BBS Radio operation running smoothly and accommodating so many hosts and programmes simultaneously. He's honoured the call of spirit—veering away from a competitive capitalistic venture to pursue something far more meaningful and centred in the heart ... and BBS Radio is the result.

I am so pleased to be an active part of this wonderful media family and sharing the light across the world.

Thank you both so much! People loved what you had to share and were deeply moved...

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