Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A Double Line-Up for 22 June on TTL!

Martha Cassandra St. Claire, (formerly Musgrave), is an educator, intuitive counsellor, NDEr, and near-death experience speaker. She has an M.A. in Gerontology, is licensed for assisted living administration, has been trained for Unity ministry, and is a certified hospice volunteer. Martha's purpose is to bring comfort and insight to end of life and death/dying issues, particularly for the elderly, and to join in community as we divinely transform within and bring healing to the world.

She has served on the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Board of Directors, as the Friends of IANDS National Chapter Co-ordinator. Her NDE research was published in The Journal of Near-Death Studies, for IANDS, (Spring, 1997).

Martha Cassandra's life work has been featured in Willamette Weekly's, 'Best of Portland' and on AM Northwest, Portland's News Channel 8, Oregon's News Channel 12, Ancient Prophecies III (NBC), The Discovery Channel, TLC, Austin's KVET Radio, and in Cosmo, Esquire, and in What It Feels Like To, by Hearst Publishing. Martha lives in Santa Rosa, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

(Martha will be our guest for the first hour on Toward The Light and we'll be discussing her NDE and the path that she has followed since.)

Donald Newsom, founder and president of BBS Radio and Blogin Service, doesn't wear hats.

He is a very spiritual yet private man that you will come to know through the course of time. He delights in helping others make their way through this Penal Colony we call Earth. He's on a mission of change, one that will promote joy, peace and love to all mankind. Being extremely passionate about his task here on this planet, he wishes to be of service in the awakening and ascension of humankind.

It is his hope that we find our higher purpose and identity with the Divine Creator - Being One with All.

Don has a twin brother, Douglas, who is the co-founder of BBS Radio, and is happily married and the father of four children.

(Don will be our guest for the second hour on Toward The Light and we'll be discussing the powerful ADCs that he had with his mum who recently transitioned ... and more.)

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